15 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

15 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

We could all use some laughter every now and then. How best to do that than watching comedy movies!

For decades now, comedy movies have been top-rated. Their ability to make you crack up keeps them relevant.

Indeed, laughter is the best medicine. Indulge in some comedy films, and your moods will be instantly lifted.

15 best comedy movies of all time

Thousands of movies have been produced that depict what real laughter is all about. These movies are still famous to date.

That is why many other comedy films have been produced. They still are being produced as of 2021.

It is time to look at the 15 best comedy movies ever.

15. Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the greatest comedy movies of all time. Though it is a 1990 film, it remains sensational to date.

It revolves around an eight-year-old boy who is mistakenly left home alone. His family goes for Christmas vacation; he has to protect the house from two burglars.

The Home Alone movie was highly successful, leading to its other series. 

14. The Heat

This is an action-comedy movie of 2013. It featured two strong female actresses, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

The two showcased two mismatched cops. It was such a successful film hitting up to 230 million dollars.

13. Dumb and Dumber

This is one of the funniest movies in Hollywood. It is a story about two friends who have a good heart yet are insanely stupid.

The two come across a briefcase filled with money. What they didn’t know is the money was meant for abductors linked to a mob.

12. Big Fat Liar

If you are looking for a comedy movie to give you FAT laughs, you just found it! Big Fat Liar is a hilarious comedy filled with nonstop action.

The movie featured two Hollywood teen stars Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz. The two are all grown up and no longer teenagers.

11. The Pacifier

Are you ready for an action-filled comedy movie? The Pacifier will not only make you laugh out loud but also allow you to enjoy the action.

This is a very hilarious movie featuring prominent actor Vin Diesel. He is assigned to protect children against enemies as their mother travels for work.

10. The Wedding Crashers

This is one of the movies that leave you laughing way after the movie has ended. It contains insane humour that you cannot get enough of.

The Wedding Crashers is about two womanizers with a knack for crashing weddings. However, one of them falls in love with the bridesmaid.

It features Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, among others.

9. Miss Congeniality 

This 2000 comedy film is about an undercover cop infiltrating a pageant. Sandra Bullock pretends to be a contestant to ensure the safety of everyone present.

With a bomber on the loose, everything has to be done to save the done. That is what Miss Congeniality is all about, but not without some hearty laughter.

8. The Hangover

This must be your all-time favourite comedy movie. It features three friends who attend a bachelors party but wakes up with no memory.

All these take place in Las Vegas, and worse, the groom to go missing. They have to find him by all means.

Every star in this movie ensures that as a fan, you will laugh your heart out.

7. Pitch Perfect

It was not just a comedy movie but also one filled with adorable jokes. Pitch Perfect stars the Queen of comedy, Rebel Wilson.

This musical comedy film series has been extremely popular over the years. Created by Kay Cannon, it still tops the charts as one of the best comedies ever.

6. Girls Trip

Have you ever watched a movie that is just full of stars? Girls Trip is that movie.

Talk of Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett and Tiffany Haddish. The three gave the best lines full of humour with a fantastic performance.

The Girls Trip is outstanding in nailing laugh after laugh. 

5. Trainwreck

This a romantic comedy film starring standup comedian Amy Schumer. She took this movie to the top with a gross of $141 million globally. 

Amy all along believes that relationships and marriages can never work. All these changes when she meets her Mr. Right.

You have to watch this movie to understand what mainstream romantic comedy is all about. 

4. Grown Ups

Grown Ups was such a big hit way back in 2010. It was so popular it led to another production of Grown Ups 2 (2013).

The movie is about five childhood friends who take their families on a trip. While there, they reunite and have to be present at the funeral of their ex-basketball coach.

It stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and Fred Wolf. 

3. Bridesmaids

Lilian asks her best friend Annie to be her maid of honor. Trouble begins when Annie starts having issues with a particular bridesmaid.

It’s so bad that Annie ruins her best friend’s wedding. If you thought women were not funny, then you have not watched this movie.

2. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is, without a doubt, among the best teen comedy movies. It revolves around an exclusive group of mean high school girls, The Plastics.

This group is always out to embarrass and humiliate any newcomer. That’s what they do to Jo, but together with her friend, Abby, they plan sweet revenge.

1. Bad Boys for Life

Though filled with a lot of action, Bad Boys is an exceptional comedy film. It features the two kings of comedy, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

The two take the role of FBI detectives to take down a drug lord. The tales that lead to his nabbing are explosions, action and lots of laughter.


These are some of the gest comedies Hollywood has ever availed to us. The list is endless because they are so many.

Comedy movies are meant to make you laugh-out-loud. Humour is the definition of these movies.

Watching a movie that allows laughter to remain in motion is the best feeling. It helps calm all your nerves.

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