20 Interesting Facts About Adele You Should Know

20 Interesting Facts About Adele You Should Know

Adele is one of the best female artists of the 21st century. She is an award winner known for her powerful ballads.

 You may have noticed that Adele has been dominating the music charts for a while now. This has made her win 86 awards.

20 Interesting Facts About Adele You Should Know

Even with her success in the music industry, there are some things you don’t know about Adele.

That is what we are about to find out. So, read on to discover interesting facts about Adele.

1. 10 cups of tea

It seems Adele loves tea very much. In a day, she used to drink 10 cups.

She had two sugars with the tea. Adele, later on, removed the tea from her diet leading to her weight loss.

2. Stage fright

It sounds unbelievable that someone like Adele suffers from stage fright. She performs to millions of people!

Adele, at times, gets panic attacks, yet she has to be on stage. The attacks make her throw up backstage.

3. Five tattoos in total

Interestingly, Adele’s tattoos are not more than five. She has two on her left wrist, one on each hand and another behind her left ear.

Let’s keep watching the space to find out if she will add more.

4. Adele’s success came from MySpace

Adele was discovered through MySpace. One of her friends uploaded Adele singing.

From there, Adele’s music started receiving a huge following. See the star she is now, all thanks to MySpace.

5. Adele’s net worth 

Adele is a successful music artist who has made it big in the music industry. As of 2021, her net worth is about $190 million.

She is one of the wealthiest female singers in the world.

6. No name revelation

When Adele gave birth, she did not reveal her baby’s name the right way. She kept her son’s name hidden for a whopping 94 days.

However, his name was figured out in public eventually. He was wearing a necklace in public, having the name Angelo.

7. Creative after too many drinks

Artists always want peace to compose their songs. Not with Adele.

Adele’s best works are after she has had a few drinks. Surprisingly, that is what her creativity is at its peak.

8. She is in love with gowns

Gowns define Adele. She loves dressing up in gowns at all times.

Adele adores the kind of gowns classic singers used to put on in the yesteryears. She calls her gowns “June Carter clothes.”

9. Three Guinness World Records

Adele is just amazing. Everything about her is on a different level.

She has three Guinness World Records to her name; all received in 2012. She got the records when 21 was released. 

10. Dating life of Adele

As of 2021, Adele is quoted saying she might be in love with her long-time pal. She says she just discovered she has feelings for him.

Adele got divorced recently from Simon Konecki. They both share an eight-year-old son by the name of Angelo.

11. Throat surgery due to smoking

Adele endured throat surgery in 2011. According to her doctor, the cause was Adele’s smoking habit. 

To prevent her health from getting worse, Adele quit smoking in 2015.

12. Same manager since the first day

Can you believe Adele has had only one manager in her entire music career? She has kept the same manager and the same crew.

This does not often happen to female celebrities. Adele stands out for keeping her manager, Jonathan Dickins, for all these years.

13. Adele is an excellent cook

While others attend cooking classes, Adele decided to teach herself how to cook. She practiced until she was good at it.

Adele is now equipped with exquisite culinary skills. She specializes in world comfort food.

14. No to dating celebrities

When Adele was single, she had desired not to date celebrities. She had a desire to date people who are not in the spotlight.

Also, when dating, all she wants is someone who can make her laugh. If she is laughing, my brother, you are good.

15. How tall is Adele?

Adele is not short; actually, she is of average height. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Her height stature is genuinely appealing and captivating.

16. Adele family facts

Adele was born in London in 1988. Her father is Marc Evans, while her mother is Penny Adkins.

Cameron O’Sullivan is Adele’s half-brother. Her mother raised Adele since she was two years.

17. She had no intentions of becoming a superstar.

Life has a way of working itself out. Adele is not like other celebrities whose eyes are of becoming a star from a young age.

What Adele had purposed to do is to get Artists and Repertoire. That, however, did not materialize.

18. Best mom ever

Adele always speaks highly of her mother. Her mother has been the strong mentor she needed when growing up.

Adele’s mother has been by her side as she rose to fame. She praises her mother for her excellent parenting.

19. Poor relationship with her dad

Adele has had an unfulfilling and empty relationship with her father. This is accredited to her father abandoning them when she was a baby.

She has since been quoted saying she has no love for her father. Adele’s father died when he was 57 due to bowel cancer.

20. Books never made an impression on Adele

We can all agree that Adele has a way with words. Well, this comes in naturally because she has never liked books that much.

Adele stopped reading when she was super young. Books were not her friends at all.


Adele has been climbing the ladder of success to become a superstar in the music industry. It seems weird to think that at one time, she was not known.

What makes Adele keep growing is her nature to be her true self. That makes her stand out from the rest.

If you are an Adele fan, I know you want to have her around for a long, long time. Who wouldn’t like that!

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