20 Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Know

20 Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Know

Taylor Swift is an award-winning talented American singer-songwriter. If You a fan of Taylor Swift its must be because of her amazing music.

She has been making headlines in the music industry. Taylor is still at it, and it doesn’t seem like she will stop entertaining her fans anytime soon.

20 Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Know

If there is something Taylor knows how to do best is how to impress. She leaves the crowd yearning for more due to her outstanding performances.

As a fan of Taylor Swift, you may think you know a lot about her, but you’re mistaken.

Here are some interesting facts about Taylor Swift that will surprise you.

1. Unusual childhood pet

Taylor didn’t go for a puppy or cat for a pet. She was unique and had hermit crabs for pets.

It seems this crab fascinated her so much. Indeed, this was one unusual pet.

2. No Twitter Account on Her Phone

Taylor is not into too much news. The reason why she decided not to have Twitter on her phone.

She does not like the news that Twitter brings out. She says it overwhelms her.

3. Obsessed with Perrier (the drink)

Here is a revelation about Taylor Swift that you have no clue about. She is obsessed with Perrier (the drink).

Taylor has different flavors of Perrier in her fridge. In short, she cannot have enough of it.

4. Secret nickname

I bet you don’t know Taylor Swift’s nickname. You actually even have no clue that she has one!

Her fans call her Tay Tay or T-Swizz. However, her secret nickname is from her brother calls her Teffy. 

5. Impeccable high school score

Taylor completed her Junior and Senior years of High School in a single calendar year. How fascinating!

She was so smart in school, attaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average throughout high school. However, Taylor didn’t join college.

6. First country singer

Did you know Taylor Swift is the first country singer ever to win an MTV Video Music Award? Now you know.

If that’s not all, at the age of 11 won a talent contest. This was by covering the song “Big Deal” by LeAnn Rimes.

7. She can play a 12-string guitar

Taylor Swift challenged herself into learning to play a 12-string guitar. She wanted so badly to play this guitar, so she took up the challenge.

She practiced up to 5 times a day to master this instrument. You know what, she did it eventually.

8. Taylor wanted to be a stockbroker 

When growing up, Taylor wanted to be a stockbroker. She wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps.

However, she later realized that her true calling was in music. That is how the dream of being a stockbroker died.

9. She has been in a lot of relationships with famous fellas

Taylor’s dating life has not brought forth any fruits. She has indeed dated many famous dudes.

In as much she has dated them, the much she has broken up with them. Some of them Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Mayor, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, and others.

10. Grew up on a Christmas tree farm

Can you imagine how a Christmas tree farm looks like? It must be incredibly beautiful.

Taylor’s father owned a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. That is where Taylor and her brother Scott grew up.

11. Taylor’s lucky number is 13

While many people are triskaidekaphobic, Taylor is not. 13 is her lucky number, and she is not scared of it.

Here is a fun fact; she was born on December 13, she turned 13 on Friday 13. Anytime a 13 turns up in Taylor’s life, something great happens.

12. Inspired by Shania Twain’s songs

Taylor always wanted to pursue music from an early age. Her biggest inspiration was Shania Twain.

Taylor always listened to Shania Twain’s songs. It is through Shania’s songs that Taylor managed to build her music career.

13. In love with everything Disney

Taylor has an obsession with anything that touches on Disney. She is literally obsessed with all Disney cartoons. 

In the Lorax, she did one of the character’s voices. Taylor’s love for Disney is on another level.

14. Supports LGBT+ rights

Taylor Swift has never gone under the talking of LGBT+ rights. She always supports them fully.

When a gay student was murdered in 2008, Taylor in a video spoke out against the hideous act.

15. Taylor has over 200 awards

It is a fact that Taylor Swift has built a successful music career. She has managed to obtain over 200 awards.

Taylor has had almost 600 nominations in her music career. She has 16 American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards, and seven Grammy Awards.

16. Kanye West framed photograph

Humor truly defines Taylor Swift. She is clearly not giving up humor anytime soon.

Taylor had an infamous onstage encounter with Kanye West. She went ahead to frame the photo and hanged it in her Nashville home.

17. A computer repairman for a guitar teacher

Taylor has interacted with many people in her life. This includes a computer repairman.

When she was 12, a computer repairman gave her guitar lessons. This man also helped her out with ideas about songwriting. 

18. Never been to therapy

It is unbelievable that Taylor Swift has never been to therapy. This is surprising, having that many celebrities are always seeing therapists.

Taylor talks to her mom anytime she feels she wants to talk to someone. She believes her mum has the most life experience. 

19. A private jet

Having a successful music career translates to a great fortune. Taylor Swift is worth more than 200 million dollars.

With the success Taylor has had, she has managed to get her very own private jet. She is living large thanks to the great wealth she has amassed.

20. Has mostly collaborated with Jack Antonoff

Taylor’s first collaboration was with Jack Antonoff. This was in 2013 with the song Sweeter Than Fiction.

Jack Antonoff has collaborated six times with Taylor Swift. He has also been given credits for two tracks on Taylor’s album.


Now that all these facts have been revealed, what is there not to love about Taylor Swift? She is just adorable.

What stands out about Taylor Swift is she is taking the world by storm. Her songs keep winning the hearts of her fans.

Taylor is not only successful but among the best female artists in the entertainment industry.

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