3% Netflix Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Plot and Review Explained

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3% Netflix Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Plot and Review Explained

The Brazilian dystopian thriller web television series ‘3%’ is back again on Netflix with its fourth season. This series created by Pedro Aguilera is the first Portuguese language Netflix original series which was first premiered in November 2016.

The series is quite interesting with its storyline based on the imaginary fiction that far in the future, the majority of the population lives in poverty, while some elite people live offshore which is a virtual paradise. And every year, all 20-year-old get a chance to go offshore by passing a series of tests which is called “the process” and in the end, only 3% of them can make it.

With three successful seasons, 3% has gained lots of popularity among the fans and the fourth season of this thriller series was amongst the most awaited ones on Netflix.

Here is everything you need to know about 3% Netflix Season 4 including its cast, release date, trailer, plot, and review.

3% Netflix Release Date

In August 2019, the creators of the show had confirmed that the series had been renewed for a fourth season and announced that will be the final season of the series. Season 4 is set to be premiered on Netflix on 14th August 2020.


The official trailer with English subtitle for the 3% was released by Netflix on July 24, 2020. If you have not seen it yet, you can watch it here.

3% Netflix Cast

The major casts of the series include:

  • João Miguel as Ezequiel
  • Bianca Comparato as Michele Santana
  • Michel Gomes as Fernando Carvalho
  • Rodolfo Valente as Rafael Moreira
  • Vaneza Oliveira as Joana Coelho
  • Rafael Lozano as Marco Alvares

João Miguel plays the role of Ezequiel who is the head of the selection test Process. Ezequiel’s character is known to be very short-tempered and mysterious.

Bianca Comparato portrays the role of Michele Santana who is a young woman who has a good sense of justice. She is very sly and smart who was raised by her brother as does not have a family.

Michel Gomes plays the role of Fernando Carvalho. Fernando is raised by his father and he is thought to be given a chance to be in the Process. But he does not have the confidence to clear the process as he cannot walk and is bound to the wheelchair.

Rodolfo Valente plays the role of Rafael Moreria. This character is an egoistic person who will do anything to pass the process, even cheat in the game. He is a mysterious person and is a dangerous contestant in the Process.

Joana Coelho is played by Vaneza Oliveira. Joana is an orphan who had lived by her wits on the fringes of society in the streets of poverty and underdeveloped part of the Inland. Being a smart contestant, she seems rather uninterested in “the process”.

Rafael Lozano portrays the role of Marco Alvares, who belongs to a family that always passed the Process. His family is eagerly waiting for him on the other side in the offshore.

3% Netflix Season 4 Plot

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The dystopian thriller series 3% takes place in a scenario where people are divided to live in separate worlds. The offshore is where only the elites live and is like a paradise. On the other side, people in Inland live in poverty.

But every year there is this competition called “The process” through which 20-year-olds are selected and they can go on to live offshore. The process is a series of tests through which many people get either simply eliminated or die and only 3% of the contestants get to offshore.

There are many people especially the ones who cannot pass the process protest such testing rule and the series is a classic example of capitalist society and its materialistic fetishes.

The third season of the series ended with Andre and the division taking over the council and declaring a war. Meanwhile, the group including Marco, Rafael, Michele, Xavier, Joana, Gloria, Elisa, and Natalia discuss a defense plan and decide to attack first by destroying the Offshore with an EMP. The fourth season might show how their plan works out or the problem they might face if their plan fails.

3% Netflix Review

3% Netflix might have been underrated show during its start but gradually it has gained lots of appreciation.

The show has received several award nominations like Fenix Awards for Television’s best drama series in 2017, ABC Cinematography award for TV-Best Cinematography (2020), and Rio2C Global Audience Award (2019).

Among these nominations, the show won the Rio Creative Conference Global Audience Award in 2019. The show is rated 7.4 by IMDb.

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