312 Bar Cincinnati Racism Comments Exposed

According to Melissa's video, the Bartender of 312 Bar Cincinnati utters racists comments over Chinese people.

In the video, we can hear she is being told that she should put the video on TikTok so Chinese people can listen to it.

TikTok user, Tizzy Ent, believes the Ohio Cincinnati is not the right place to quench the thirst. He says there are other places where you can go for.

It's unbelievable that the workers from Bar accept they are racist - and they aren't hesitant or ashamed to say it.

As a result, social media users are now disgracing the bar - and its review on Google has dramatically decreased.

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TikTok: 312 Bar Cincinnati Ohio Racist Comments

A TikTok user from Ohio named @melissaequality posted a video of 312 Bar Cincinnati where she faced racist comments. The verbal abuse was passed by the employees working on the bar.

People on TikTok are getting angry over it - and making the sensitive content viral. They don't want the bar to keep these racist employees.

However, some say Cincinnati bar is an openly intolerant bar. Neither the owner nor the employees care about the situation happening right now.

There are more than a thousand videos posted on TikTok quoting the bar. It has led to the downfall of their business too.

A TikTok user said, "As America is a multicultural - diverse country, sensible people should not get prejudiced against others."

It's a matter of fact; the bar will ultimately get closed if the case grows stronger and grabs the attention of national interest.

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