Who Is Bikie Killer Abuzar Sultani? Find About His Wife And More

Who Is Bikie Killer Abuzar Sultani? Find About His Wife And More

Who Is Bikie Killer Abuzar Sultani wife? Learn about if he is married or not and explore more about his Wikipedia details.

Abuzar is a nefarious gang member from Australia. He is a former Bikie Club member and involved in numerous crimes, including murder, drug trafficking, and more.

Who Is Bikie Killer Abuzar Sultani?

Abuzar Sultani is a violent and well-known figure in the gang world. He is a former member of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Besides that, he also ran his own bikie group and committed crimes throughout Australia. He is infamous for the murder of another criminal, Pasquale Barbaro.

Sultani was to be paid $500,000 to kill Mr. Ciano at his Central Coast home in 2015.

Abuzar Sultani Wife: Is He Married?

As of 2021, it is unknown who Abuzar Sultani’s wife is.

Moreover, it is also not known if the gangster is married.

Information about his personal life is extremely sparse. Likely, Abuzar is currently single.

Abuzar Sultani Wikipedia Biography

Sultani does not have a biography on Wikipedia.

However, one can read about him on several news sites. He is well known throughout Australia for his criminal activities.

In 2018, he was charged over the murder of Rebel bikie Michael Davey also known as Ruthless. The killing took place in 2016.

Abuzar Net Worth 2021

Ex Rebels bikie Abuzar Sultani’s net worth is still not revealed.

As of 2021, his net worth is still a mystery. As Abuzar was involved in highly illegal activities, his actual net worth is as blurry as his crimes.

The segment will be updated as soon as the necessary information is available.

Abuzar Sultani Age: How Old Is The Criminal?

Abuzar Sultani is 32 years old by age as of 2021.

Sultani’s date of birth is not available at the moment. Likewise, the place of his birth and zodiac sign is unavailable too.

Where Is He Now?

Abuzar Sultani’s whereabouts are unknown as of now.

The criminal bikie has been under arrested several times.

Abuzar will likely be in police custody as of 2021. The man has committed several heinous crimes over the years. He was charged with the murder of Pasquale Barbaro in 2016.

In 2017, he was arrested for another gangland killing. He, alongside 5 other men, was arrested for murdering Mehmet Yilmaz.

We are yet to uncover where Sultani is now. He was legally charged for the murder of Ruthless in 2018.