What Was Laura Frenchkiss Age Before Her Death?

Laura Frenchkiss was aged 66 years old at the time of her death.

Furthermore, the 1954-born actress died recently in Torremolinos, a municipality that lies in Southern Spain. 

Laura's full date of birth was 1954 and her birthday was celebrated by her loved ones on the 22nd of December. 

Details On Laura Frenchkiss Children And Family

We are unaware of her relationship status so Laura Frenchkiss's children's information still remains questionable.

The details about her family remain unexplored on the virtual platforms. We learned from her Instagram account, that she has a sister named Cherilyn Divine.

But, it is for sure that with Laura's sudden passing, her family members, fans, and peers might be in deep sorrow and might be feeling disheartened.

Laura Frenchkiss Husband: Was She Married?

As far as we know, Laura Frenchkiss had no husband and no records of her marriage have been found.

We found no clue about her having a partner or being married via her social media handles. Though Laura had shared pictures with boys on her Instagram, there does not seem to be any kind of intimate and romantic relationship between her and them.

Laura Frenchkiss Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Laura Frenchkiss's death cause is an illness as found in online sources.

According to Elperiodico, a heart attack could also be the reason for her demise. However, the actual cause of her death has not been confirmed yet.

It is found from Facebook posts that she had suffered repression of Francoism, crack, and HIV, which could be one of the reasons for her death. as her Instagram bio questions, did she survive Franco, crack, and AIDS?

She is known as the woman who managed to represent and was capable of symbolizing the LGBTI+ community in Spain.