Who Are Clara Stack Parents?

The child actress, Clara Stack, was born to her mother Amanda Stack, and a caring father whose name is not known.

Clara has loving parents who took well care of her from her childhood days and guided her to the way of the entertainment industry.

They still take her to various events related to her acting roles.

But they have not come to the media and are not easily found on social media platforms as well.

The actress herself is not much covered on a personal level and thus, there are not many details regarding her parents' professional and personal background.

What Is Clara Stack Nationality?

Born in the United States, Clara Stack's nationality is American.

She is currently based in New York City and is actively involved in theatres, broadway as well as on-screen acting performances.

Clara's parents are believed to be Americans, thus making her a U.S. citizen by birth.

Clara Stack Age And Birthday Details

The Hawkeye child actress, Clara Stack is around the age of 10-12 years old.

While her exact birthdate is not known, her mother started posting her baby pictures around in 2011.

From this, we can guess Clara's age to be around 10 years.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any clue about her birthday.

She started acting from an early age and was involved in broadway and theatres.

Eventually, she made her on-screen debut in 2019 when she was around 8.

Clara Stack Siblings

Talking about siblings, Clara Stack does have a sister named Maggie Stack.

Both Clara and Maggie can be seen together in several photos that are available on their respective social media accounts.

Maggie seems to be Clara's elder sister but her age and such other details are unavailable as well.

She might be involved in the acting industry as well but she is not recognized for any roles.

Meet Clara Stack On Instagram

The child actress Clara Stack can be found on Instagram under the handle @clara_stack_nyc.

She has over 1500 followers on the platform and has made more than 150 posts.

Her parents handle her social media account as clearly mentioned on her Instagram profile.