Who Is Adam Rutledge From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Keith Urban Tribute Artist On Instagram

Who Is Adam Rutledge From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Keith Urban Tribute Artist On Instagram

Adam Rutledge has not revealed his age yet on the media as he tends to be quiet about his life. Here is everything we could find about him in this article.

Adam Rutledge is a well-known and reputed contestant in the reality music show Clash Of The Cover Bands.

It is a show over the course of two rounds, two bands of comparable musical genres will compete to determine who can put on the most entertaining cover performance, with the winner receiving a monetary reward and bragging rights.

Rutledge went back on the drive-in stage in late July with his former band, southern rockers Crobar Cane, whose guitarist Jason Weeks and drummer Brett Fulghum are now members of Rutledge’s country band.

Adam Rutledge Age Details

The age of the singer, Adam Rutledge has not been unveiled yet but he’s around 30-35 years old.

The date of birth and details related to his birthplace is not available on the web. Adam has been quiet about her personal life on the media as he is not very often seen on media.

However, the singer seems to be in his mid-thirties right now. More details will be provided in this article as soon as possible. Rutledge is approximately 6 feet tall with an astonishing and well-maintained body.

Adam Rutledge On Wikipedia

Adam Rutledge has yet to make his journey to the official page of Wikipedia.

As a promotion strategy for an album, touring is required in the music industry. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, traveling bands must stay at home.

Adam Rutledge, a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and performer, was faced with a problem as a result. At a time when road construction had come to a halt, he had a new record, Don’t Stop, ready to be released.

Rutledge chose to release the album after consulting with his management team, which included country music hit producer Phil Vassar and Rutledge’s writing and production partner (and Vassar guitarist), Jeff Smith.

Adam Rutledge Wife: Is He Married?

The name of Adam Rutledge’s wife is Kelly Rutledge.

We don’t know much about his spouse yet as he has not talked much about her.

According to our sources, he has 3 kids, a twins boy, and a girl who are 7 years of age and 5 years old girl. Their names have not been revealed yet.

Likewise, Adam has also not uncovered any details linked to her past associations and affairs.

Adam Rutledge Net Worth Revealed

Adam Rutledge’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

He is a successful singer who has had a fortunate life. As a result, he may be well compensated. Like other details about his life, the actual amount of his salary and income remains a secret.

We will update the real data as soon as we get them from a valid source.

Meet Adam Rutledge On Instagram

We can follow him on the Instagram handle as he is active there.

He goes by the name @iamadamrutledge where he has gathered 15.5k followers and has been following 6422 people. The musician has posted 1274 pictures on his handle.