How Old Is Aiden Hammond? Everything On Alison Hammond Son

How Old Is Aiden Hammond? Everything On Alison Hammond Son

Everybody wants to know Alison Hammond son Aiden Hammond and his age. He is all grown up now!

Alison Hammond is the UK’s favorite TV personality. However, Alison’s most treasured person is her young son, Aiden Hammond. In fact, she is raising Aiden to be a good person on her own. 

Everything on Aiden Hammond, Alison Hammond’s son

Aiden Hammond is Alison Hammond‘s son.

Alison Hammond is a British reporter and reality star. She is mainly popular as the host for This Morning. In the like manner, her notable shows include Celebrity Coach Trip (2012), Big Brother (2002), and The Dumping Ground (2003).

Aiden Hammond’s father is Noureddine Boufaied. 

Aiden was born to Alison’s marriage with Noureddine. Boufaied is a cab driver based in Manchester. However, Noureddine and Alison are no longer together. The TV host is currently raising Aiden Hammond as a single mother in the family. 

Aiden Hammond Age and Birthday

Aiden Hammod’s age is 16 years old.

Aiden Hammond’s birthday year falls in 2005. He was born shortly after Alison completed her Big Brother’s journey. Furthermore,  the mother and son duo currently lives in Birmingham, England.

At first, Alison did not reveal the real identity of Aiden’s father. Nonetheless, she finally did a magazine photoshoot with Noureddine to end the public scrutiny. But again, their separation was also hidden. 

Is He on Instagram?

You can find Aiden Hammond on Instagram via his mother’s IG @alisonhammond55. 

If you scroll through her IG, you can immediately tell that Alison is very close with her son. The reporter calls her son Her World. Moreover, she even posted a Tiktok video while dancing with her son during the COVID restriction in the UK.

It is estimated that Aiden Hammond shares a million net worth with his mother. He lives a luxurious life with all the benefits. However, Aiden is a very reserved person, unlike his social mother. 

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