Alan Tudge Wife: Teri Etchells Age Explored

In 1997, Alan Tudge was married to his wife, Teri Etchells. 

Teri Etchells, Tudge's wife, has three children with him.

Alan Tudge is currently 50 years old.

However, his ex-wife Teri's age is not known at the moment, but we can assume that she might be between 45-50 years, having a maximum of 5 years of an age gap between them. 

Tudge's extramarital affair with Rachelle Miller terminated their 20-year relationship in 2017, a year after the birth of their third child.

Education Minister Alan Tudge Affair And Allegations Explained

Alan Tudge's former press secretary Rachelle Miller disclosed they had been having an affair during a Four Corners program in November 2020.

Tudge later issued a post on Facebook revealing the affair and stating that it resulted in the dissolution of his marriage.

Tudge's objection to same-sex marriage, based on his support for "traditional" marriage, was labeled as hypocritical by Miller in the same show.

Later, she accused him of bullying and intimidation in a complaint, saying: After a hard day on the road, he frequently invited me to dinner or drinks.

Because he was my supervisor, I frequently felt that I didn't have much of a choice or couldn't say no. 

Tudge resigned from the ministry when more charges of abuse surfaced, and the claims were examined.

Alan Tudge Children

Yes, Alan Tudge and his wife, Teri Etchells, had three children.

However, more information is not disclosed on them. '

Tudge's parents divorced when he was around six years old, and he was reared on a tiny farm near Pakenham by his mother.

Alan went to a nearby elementary school and subsequently Haileybury High School in Melbourne, graduating in 1988.

Tudge earned Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Melbourne.

Alan was president of the Melbourne University Student Union, succeeding Andrew Landeryou, a future left-wing activist. He claimed this was the first time a non-Left president had won in many years.