Alejandra Toussaint Wiki: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Alejandra Toussaint Wiki: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Alejandra Toussaint’s Wikipedia page may not be available, but this article provides everything on the actress. See if she has a boyfriend.

Toussaint is a Mexican actress and model. At present, she is a contestant in Survivor Mexico’s 2021 season.

Is Alejandra Toussaint on Wikipedia?

Toussaint’s Wikipedia page is not available as of now.

She has been actively involved in the film industry for over a decade now. Morgana (2012), Entre Piernas (2010), and Volverte a ver (2008) are some of the famous movies she has starred in till now.

Besides, Alejandra has also performed in a couple of soap operas on TV. Also, she was given the role of spokeswoman for natural reserves in Mexico to host “Accion ecosistemas (Ecosystem Action).” 

Alejandra Toussaint Age (Edad): How Old Is She?

Toussaint’s age is 35 years old.

The model was born on the 7th of February 1986. Her hometown is Mexico City.

The Mexican actress went to France at the age of 18.

She studied at ‘Actor’s Sud’ school in Marseille. Moreover, she worked with several French film productions there.

Alejandra Toussaint Husband: Is she Married?

Alejandra’s husband is not present.

It is because the actress has not married yet.

Besides, sources say she is single at present. Also, no information regarding her previous relationships is disclosed publicly.

Alejandra Toussaint Net Worth

Toussaint’s net worth is around $2 million.

Alejandra has been in the film industry for more than a decade. Fans have adored her movies, and they have hit a satisfactory commercial success too.

In addition, Alejandra has over 23 thousand followers on her Instagram account, @alelatosa

Alejandra Toussaint Family: Does She Have Children?

Toussaint’s family includes her father and mother.

Alejandra is the daughter of Alejandro Sandoval Avila. 

He is a writer and a cultural promoter. Marianne Toussaint is her mother.

She does not have any children.

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