Who Is Alessandro Moggi? Everything About The Sports Attorney And Son Of Former Juventus Cheif

Who Is Alessandro Moggi? Everything About The Sports Attorney And Son Of Former Juventus Cheif

Both father and son, Luciano Moggi and Alessandro Moggi were charged with private violence, which was later overturned by prescription. Get to know more about the attorney here.

Alessandro Moggi is the son of Luciano Moggi, a sports manager, and the head of Gea World SpA, which was in charge of football prosecutions until 2006.

Due to the Calciopoli 2006 investigation, the business was accused of illegal conspiracy with the intent to defraud, accusations that were dropped after an acquittal on January 8, 2008.

Alessandro Moggi and his father Luciano were convicted of private violence. In 2013, the firm reopened its doors with offices in Rome, London, and Dubai, providing consulting services in the fields of sport, marketing, and social activities.

Luciano Moggi Son: Alessandro Moggi Age

The age of Luciano Moggi’s son Alessandro Moggi is 48 years old.

He was born on November 30, 1972, in Civitavecchia, Italy. The sports attorney was born to his parents Luciano Moggi and the name of his mother has not been disclosed yet.

Further details related to his early life have not been unveiled yet on the web.

Alessandro Moggi Wikipedia Bio

Unlike his father, Alessandro Moggi has no Wikipedia page yet.

Alessandro Moggi restarts Gea World in Italy after the firm was disbanded in 2006 following investigations into suspected irregularities in the handling of players’ legal agreements, which served as a precursor to the Calciopoli controversy.

Moggi Jr is back with the same name, some former partners, and new initiatives ranging from organizational structure to marketing, from player support after departure to ethical business ventures. He was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment on appeal and completed two years of exclusion.

“We went through the fires of hell, we were a bit burned, but we are even stronger and more determined,” Alessandro promises, expecting “not to be judged because Gea wants to create and has no shirts or partisan colors.”

While his dad was contemplating and ultimately refusing a candidacy for Parliament during these months, he was planning the Versace Theater’s spectacular comeback to the market, complete with high quotations, soft lighting, reflected walls, and white leather couches.

Alessandro Moggi Wife: Is He Married?

We don’t have any details related to Alessandro Moggi’s wife.

However, the attorney is often seen posting pictures on his IG handle with Elvira Savino. Moreover, we are not sure if Savino is his wife or not. He was also in a relationship with Raffaella Fico which ended in the year 2018 as per Ilmessaggero.

As per his Instagram, he has 2 kids a daughter named Ludovica Moggi and a son named Lucianox Moggi.

Alessandro Moggi Instagram Details

We can find Moggi on Instagram under the name @alessandro_moggi.

He has gathered 6827 followers there and is following 217 people to date. Moggi has posted pictures related to his career and pictures with his family on his Instagram.