Denver: Who Is Victim Alyssa Maldonado?

Alyssa Maldonado, a 35-years-old woman who was also associated with the Sol Tribe tattoo shop, is one of the victims of the Denver Shooting.

She was hurt in the attack while working with Cardenas alongside her husband, a piercing artist.

Friends on social media identified her as one of the victims. Her friend was heartbroken when they learned that she had died.

Alyssa Maldonado Husband Jimmy Maldonado -What Happened To Him?

Jimmy Maldonado and Alyssa Gunn Maldonado were wedded in February 2020. They are parents to a son together.

her husband, Jimmy Maldonado, previously worked as a tattoo artist according to their social networking sites

he was brought to the hospital as he was also in the chest; he is currently in the ICU.

He's in a critical condition, according to reports.

How Did Alyssa Maldonado Died?

Alyssa Maldonado was one of four people killed and in a shooting spree in Denver, according to authorities.

Four deaths were reported, and three more were injured, including a police officer. 

The claimed shooter was also killed; thus, the shooting is uncertain. The alleged shooter's identity has been a mystery until now.

The gunman, whose name has not been revealed, is said to have fired rounds at six different sites throughout the city.

The gunman's first stop was the Sol Tribe tattoo shop on Broadway. He allegedly opened fire shortly, killing Alicia Cardenas, wounding one of her associates, piercing artist Jimmy Maldonado, and gunning down the man's wife, Alyssa Gunn Maldonado. She also worked there, according to the police department's timeline.

The gunman was described as a tall, blonde man wearing a trench coat by witnesses.

The investigation is still ongoing, and information is sparse. Still, officials from the law department stated that they believed a single person committed the shootings and that the community was safe.