Amiyah Scott Before Gender Surgery: Explore Her Pictures And Name

Amiyah Scott underwent gender surgery after she decided to transition from a male to a female. After deciding to transform, she started taking different pills for hormones growth and went through gender reassignment surgery. 

Born on January 11, 1988, Amiyah Scott was born Arthur Scott. 

Similarly, there are also pictures of her both before and after her surgery as well. We can find them on social media as few are floating around on different social media platforms.

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How Did Amiyah Scott Look As A Guy?

Amiyah Scott started her transition to female at the age of 15. She started taking birth control pills as hormone replacement therapy and began her gradual transition.

Many fans might not know how she looked like a guy. If you are one of them who started following her recently, then here's a picture of her when she was a guy.

Scott is available on Twitter as @KingAmiyahScott. She joined the platform in September 2011. Likewise, she has accumulated a whopping 285.8k followers following her.

Similarly, she is also on Instagram and her handle is @kingamiyascott. She has a massive following on IG as she has garnered 1.6 million followers and has shared 129 posts on the platform.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.