10 Facts on Amy Bennett McIntosh

  1. Amy Bennett McIntosh is a consultant specialized in education policy, practice in K-12, and Higher Education. She is the assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Education.
  2. Talking about her age, Amy Bennett McIntosh is current age is missing.
  3. Amy Bennett McIntosh was married to Jeffrey Toobin in 1986 and they have been together for over 34 years and still counting.
  4. Moreover, the couple has two kids together. They have a daughter named Ellen Toobin and a son named Adam Toobin.
  5. According to Jeffrey Toobin's Wikipedia, Amy and Jeffrey met each other in college while they were working at the Harvard Crimson in 1986.
  6. Speaking about college, Amy Bennett is among the highly educated people. She has graduated from Harvard University with an undergraduate degree in economics. Furthermore, she has also graduated with an MBA degree from Harvard.
  7. She has been working as an education sector consultant for many years. She started her career in 1984 as a research analyst.
  8. Her exact net worth as of 2020 is not available on the internet, however, her husband on the other hand has a whopping net worth of above $10 million dollars.
  9. Amy Bennett's Husband has been on the media recently because of his Zoom video scandal followed by his suspension from the post and this might have caused a huge embarrassment for Amy too.
  10. However, Jeffrey Toobin did apologize to everyone including his wife and family for his grave mistake. According to him, he believed that the Zoom camera was off at that time and he had muted the audio.