Where Is Annette Evertson Now? Shawn Bradley First Wife

Annette Evertson is the former and first wife of Shawn Bradley.

The couple reportedly met at a Mormon church in Philadelphia, for the first time and Bradley fell for her at the first sight. They dated for a couple of months and got married to each other in 1998. However, the couple did not last long and got divorced around 2017-2018.

Meanwhile, the cyclist is now married to Carrie Cannon Bradley. Following their divorce, Everston has chosen to stay low-key therefore, not much is known about her and where she is right now. 

Annette Everston Divorce Reason Explained

Annette Everston got divorced from Shawn Bradley after spending many years of life together. 

The couple reportedly split their ways around 2017-2018. However, the precise reason behind the split is still unknown. The couple was so much in love with each other. The couple's sudden and unexpected swerve in life has shocked their fans. The NBA player once expressed that he couldn't imagine living a life without her which now has turned into reality. 

That said, both of them seem to be doing well for themselves after their divorce. As a matter of fact, Bradley has remarried. He is living his life with his new wife Carrie Cannon Bradley but not much is known about Everstone. 

Annette Everston Children & Family

Annette Everstone has six children with her former husband, Shawn Bradley. 

She is the mother of four daughters, named, Chelsea, Ciera, Charity, and Cheyenne, and two sons named Chase and Chance. However, not much is known about her children and her family at the moment. 

As previously mentioned, her personal information is infact kept under the wrap.