Who Is April Asuncion? MP George Christensen Wife

The Australian MP George Christensen is married to his wife, April Asuncion.

The couple married in 2019, just someday before Geroge's mother passed away due to complications from cancer.

They got married in a civil ceremony in the MP's hometown Mackay, Queensland.

They are parents to a daughter named Margaret.

The pairs met first time while the MP was traveling to the Philippines in 2017.

It was Christensen who proposed to her through a phone.

The Conservative MP has been aging a lot of media attention due to his relationship.

A report in April 2019 revealed he has spent more time in the Philippines on vacation than in the parliament.

Due to this, he was given the nickname, Member of Manila. 

There isn't much information about April available on the internet.

As per many media outlets, Asuncion used to work at Ponytails bar in the Philippines, an adult bar.

And according to Sunday Herald, Geroge met her there as he was a regular at the bar. However, he has denied that and labeled the story as defamatory.

April Asuncion Age

The exact age of April Asuncion is not available on the internet.

However, a new article published in October 2019 has stated her age to be 31 years old.

So, she must be 33 years old as of now.

Aprils's husband, Geroge Christensen, is 43 years-old man born on June 30, 1978.

Meet George Christensen Wife April Asuncion On Instagram

April Asuncion is not available on Instagram neither her husband, Geroge Christensen, can be found on one.

Similarly, we could not find her on other social media as well.

April must be active on social media with a different name.

Asper her husband, George, we can find him on Facebook.

However, there aren't any family photos.