Who Is Artosis Wife?

Artosis is a Twitch celebrity who is married to Tara Stemkoski.

Tara and Daniel have four children as a result of their marriage.

Tara relocated to Seoul in 2009 to live with Daniel, and their children were born there.

The kids are frequently featured on Artosis's official Instagram account, which has approximately 12k followers today.

Artosis's Age And Height

In the year 2021, ARTOSIS is 38 years old. But his height isn't unveiled yet.

He was born in the United States on April 6, 1983. In 2008, he relocated to Seoul for professional reasons.

He has also kept his body measurements hidden from the public eye.

Daniel Ray Stemkoski is the actual name of ARTOIS. As a result, his moniker is said to be Artosis.

He was born and reared in Salem, New Hampshire, where he attended Salem High School and graduated in 2002.

He was a big fan of sports like skating, basketball, chess competitions, and competitive strategy games when he was younger until he discovered Starcraft games in high school.

What Is Artosis's Net Worth?

Daniel alias ARTOSIS has a staggering net worth as a result of his internet commenting business.

His net worth might be over $5 Million, but the source hasn't confirmed it.

He has not, however, provided any detailed information about his earnings or net worth yet.

We want to update this area as soon as our sources provide relevant information about his earnings.

About Artosis's Family

Artosis shares a home with his wife and children.

The streamer hasn't revealed anything about his parents to the press.

He has managed to keep his children and parents out of the spotlight.

His parents have supported him a lot to gain the fame which he has now.

Does Artosis Have Instagram?

Artosis may be found on Instagram as @iamartosis.

In 2021, his Instagram account had 12.5K followers.

According to his Instagram bio, he is a professional pundit based in Seoul, South Korea.

Unlike other celebs, he does not have a single photo on his Instagram commentary page.

Because of his job, he has more Instagram followers.