Bandmanfari Arrested For Killing Rapper WOADIE2LIVE: His Age And Earnings Details To know

Bandmanfari Arrested For Killing Rapper WOADIE2LIVE: His Age And Earnings Details To know

Did Bandmanfari Killed WOADIE2LIVE? He is a rapper who has been arrested for the murder of Woadie2live. Continue below to find out more about his life, including his age.

Bandmanfari is a rapper who has been reportedly arrested for the murder of Woadie2live. Besides, Woadie2live was also a rapper who was killed on September 5, 2021.

Besides, he is best known for his songs like All Night, Free Dylan, Industry, The Dedication, etc. He has performed in various stages, including in California, Washington, and Oregon.

Also, he has toured some European countries for giving his performance. Further, he has brand new merchandise called Shoot Em. Meanwhile, he is also available on Spotify and has 2646 monthly listeners at the time of writing.

Likewise, he has collaborated with numerous artists such as WavyBandz, Ronnie Buck$, Taliban, and many more. In 2018, he released an album named April Fools.

Moreover, the rapper got attention from the public after getting involved in the incident of the Woadie2live murder. And people are questioning his arrest. Let’s find out the actual info.

Did Bandmanfari Killed WOADIE2LIVE? Is He Arrested And Jailed?

Reportedly, rapper Bandmanfari killed another rapper named Woadie2live.

According to a site, Woadie2live was killed last night in front of a club, and the man behind this murder is Bandmanfari.

People are surprised by this news as Bandmanfar killed one of his close friends Woadie2live.

A Twitter account named @Buzzworldhiphop has said that Bandmanfari was arrested for the shooting death of Woadie2live. So, we can speculate that he might be the killer of Woadie2live.

However, the news is yet to be verified as none of the media has talked about this topic.

Bandmanfari Age and Real Name

Bandmanfari’s age is probably between 20 to 25 years.

His actual age isn’t easy to put as there is no news of his date of birth. He was born in California, US, and raised in the Lonestar State.

He resides in Dallas, Texas. Besides, his real name is unknown but is also recognized as MR.WIPEDOWN.

He learned rapping from his local gang.

Does Bandmanfari Have A Girlfriend?

No, Bandmanfari does not have a girlfriend.

He does not talk much about his personal life in the media, so there is no info about his relationship status. Till now, he might have led a single life.

The rapper shares everything about his day-to-day activities through his IG account registered as @bandmanfari.

His Net Worth Revealed

Bandmanfari might have preserved a decent net worth from his profession as a rapper.

But his actual net worth is still under review. Indeed, he makes most of his earnings from his songs.

And he has also performed in different stages where he might have added some profit to his bank account.