Cheer: Barry Brodeur Massachusetts: Why Is Maddy Brum Dad In Prison? 

Barry Brodeur is sentenced to prison for Rape.  

Because of legal reasons, he cannot leave Massachusetts, and consequently, she does not get to see him often. Besides lamenting her life without her father, she agrees that he did a wrong deed.

The exposure Maddy has given about her father has gone viral as she is one of the known faces of the American Netflix series called Cheer.

People are curious to learn about the case. But, besides what Maddy said, there are no further details about it. Plus, there are no details regarding the whereabouts of the victim.  

Barry Brodeur Age In 2022

There are no details for his age as his existence is equal to zero on the Internet. 

However, a father of a young girl and two other children must be in his 50s. The assumption can be vague because there are no pictures of him on the Internet. 

On the other hand, his elder daughter Maddy is 19-year-old and celebrates her birthday on May 22. She is doing great in her work and, despite being far from her, he must be proud of what she does.

Barry Brodeur Wife: With Whom Is He Married?

Barry Brodeur is married to his wife Nicole A Otis for the last 8-years. 

Some times back, Nicole worked at Gemini Communication Ltd as a Hanscom Air Force Base contractor. And now, she works at the UMass Lowell Inn as a Sales and Catering Coordinator.

She is a mother to her three children, Maddy, and her two sisters, Lilly and Alyssa Luna. Lilly is four-year-old at the time and, Alyssa Luna recently graduated from Middlesex Community College with a major in Human Service/Psychology.

One can find enough pictures of her family on social media. Her Instagram is available under the username maddybrum, with a massive following that exceeds 78k.