Is Belen Cuesta Transgender? All About Money Heist Star Gender And Love Life

Is Belen Cuesta Transgender? All About Money Heist Star Gender And Love Life

Belen Cuesta getting cast as a transgender character on Money Heist sparks a fight on Twitter. Is she transition in real life? Follow this article to get the actual information on her gender and sexuality.

Cuesta is a Spanish actress and model who is one of the casts of Monet Heist, began her career in 2004, and has appeared in many films and television shows, including The Lego Ninjago Movie, The Warning, Despite Everything, Benefits Of Traveling By Train.

She plays the character Julia Manila in the Netflix crime thriller. Julia is a trans woman who joins the gang during one of her hostages during the Bank of Spain raid.

She is also known to be a childhood friend from Denver and a goddaughter from Moscow.

Is Belen Cuesta Transgender?

Belen is not actually a transgender woman in real life.

She plays a transgender character on the Money Heist show; her choice as a transgender woman created controversy.

People wanted a transgender actor to do the Roleplays, and even some questioned that Cuesta tried to justify his casting in an interview with El Español.

The actress revealed he supports trans actors and understands their struggle for her thoughts about playing the role.

Belen Cuesta Wife And Gender

Belen Cuesta does not have a wife as her gender is straight.

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Tamar Novas. She started dating him in 2012 but is yet not her husband.

All the rumors of her sexuality are cleared after she revealed she is dating a man. Tamar is also a Spanish actor who won a Goya Award in the movie The Sea Inside.

Belen currently lives in Madrid, Spain, with her partner.

Belen Cuesta Surgery

Belen Cuesta is also rumored to have undergone surgery to change her sexuality.

However, the rumor is false, and she is a cisgender woman. Even her parents confirmed that their daughter is straight multiple times when they were asked about it.

Belen is also seen acting in various theatres plays. Her role as a transgender woman in Money Heist ignited a fight on Twitter.

Overall, she is a talented actress who makes a good net worth from her career.

Is She A Male Or Female?

Belen is female despite all the rumors of her transsexuality.

Clearing things about Cuesta’s sexuality, she is straight. She is not gay or lesbian, and she identifies as a cisgender woman.