Beth Bernard Husband – Is Trisha Yearwood Sister Married?

Beth Bernard Husband – Is Trisha Yearwood Sister Married?

Beth Bernard is the sister of the famous singer as well as actress Trisha Yearwood. Lets get to know more about her husband and whether she is married or not.

Beth Bernard has been in a limelight more often because of her celebrity sister as she is a renowned artist.

Although their profession does not match, Beth has given her brief appearances in various of her sisters television projects.

From their bond, we can understand that they are very much caring towards each other and loves each other very much.

Is Trisha Yearwood Sister Beth Married? Husband John Bernard

Beth Bernard is indeed living a happy married life with her husband John Bernard as per her sister Trisha Yearwood Wikipedia.

We do not know when did they tied their knot together but they must be living a prosperous life together with their family.

Along with her husband, they are the parents of two sons, Kyle Bernard and Brett Bernard, and a beautiful daughter, Ashley Bernard.

There are not many details about her children too but they must be loving children who care about their parents very much.

As it seems she has been together with her partner in a marital relationship for many years, her children are old enough to have their own family.

She must make a loving grandparent along with her husband who might love to spend time with their grandchildren quite often.

Who Is Beth Bernard And Her Husband?

Beth Bernard is an American citizen who is a lawyer by profession whereas her husband is an actor.

Likewise, although we do not know her exact age she looks to be around 55-60 years old but looks beautiful even at this age.

She was born as the daughter of schoolteacher Gwendolyn Yearwood and local banker Jack Howard Yearwood in Monticello, Georgia.

There is not much information about her partners personal details available currently but he too possesses American nationality.

Although we are unknown how good is her relationship with her parents, she is very fond of her mother and loves to be around her often.

As she rarely posts about her partner on her social media handles, we can believe that he wants his personal life to be private.

Beth Bernard On Wikipedia 

Beth Bernard is not available on Wikipedia as of now but she has been mentioned on her sisters Wikipedia bio.

Currently, helming from the legal profession, she is serving as an executive director of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association.

She is considered a very helpful person too as she did incredible work of donating her liver to her friend who was in need of it.

Moreover, she is available on different social media handles too from where we could get to know more about her.

We can follow her on Instagram and Facebook under the handles @beth_bernard_yearwood and Beth Bernard respectively.