Who is Carla Zampatti Daughter Bianca Spender? Everything To Know

Who is Carla Zampatti Daughter Bianca Spender? Everything To Know

Bianca Spender announced that she had lost her mother, who was 78 years of age.

According to The Guardian, Carla Zampatti had been hospitalized after she fell off the stairs at Mrs. Macquarie’s Point during the La Traviata opera on the opening night. She was found with multiple injuries, which eventually became the cause of her death. 

Bianca Spender Age Revealed

Since Bianca Spender was born in 1977, her current age is already 44 years.

However, she has not provided us the details about her date of birth.

As per reports claimed by Vogue, she had kicked off her professional career as a designer at the age of 12. Since her mother was also a fashion designer herself, she didn’t take long to establish herself in the fashion industry.

Is She On Wikipedia?

To be clear, Bianca Spender is not present on Wikipedia.

However, we can find her mother on Wikipedia.

Both the mother and daughter’s net worth have not been revealed. As per our predictions, Bianca has an estimated net worth of the thousand while her mother had a net worth of about a million.

Meet Her Husband

Bianca Spender has revealed her husband’s name as Sam McGuiness.

But, she has not spoken much about her married life.

The couples share two children – both sons. They are Dominic McGuiness and Florian McGuiness. Speaking more about her family, she has a sibling whose name is Allegra Spender. Furthermore, she is the daughter of John Spender

Meet Carla Zampatti Daughter Bianca Spender

Very famous as Carla Zampatti‘s daughter, she was motivated to start her career as a fashion designer, all thanks to her late mom. Unfortunately, her mother has died on April 3, 2021.

Speaking about Carla, she was a world-famous Italian-Australian fashion designer. The businesswoman used to work as an executive chair at Carla Zampatti Pty Ltd. Before she had married Bianca’s father, she was married to Leo Schuman for almost 6 years.

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