Big Brother Australia Winners: Where Are They Now?

Big Brother Australia Winners: Where Are They Now?

Big Brother Australia is a reality game show that entails a group of contestants. The contestants are usually referred to as “housemates” while in the show.

The housemates live together in a secluded house that is not known by outsiders. Every day their daily activities are monitored by live cameras and personal audio microphones. 

As the show goes on, housemates are evicted from the house one by one. The elimination continues until one housemate remains standing and wins the grand cash prize.

Big Brother Australia Winners: Where Are They Now?

Big Brother Australia premiered in 2001 and was aired for twelve seasons. There have been winners throughout the seasons who have walked away with the cash prize.

A lot goes on in the show, and romantic relationships keep most viewers glued to the show. We are going to find out where the Big Brother Australia winners went to, so keep reading.

Ben Williams – Season 1

Ben Williams was the first housemate to win in the Big Brother Australia show. This was way back in 2001.

He operates his sports company, Players Ink, which represents professional athletes as well as media personalities. Ben is a husband and father married to Jade Robran.

Ben and Jade got married in 2008 in Bali and lived in Sydney. They, however, moved and are currently living in South Australia with their children. 

Peter Corbett – Season 2

It was Wollongong IT consultant Peter Corbett who emerged as the winner of season two of this show. He went home with the $250,000 prize money.

Corbett, an orphan, was announced the winner over West Australian Nathan Martin. After being declared the winner, Peter said he was living in a dream.

His plan for the $250,000 was to help cater for his young brother Tom and sister Meg. After their parents died, he has had to look after them.

Peter Corbett joined Internetrix, an It company, intending to develop a flexible website. That would come in handy in maintaining an interactive web presence.

Regina Bird – Season 3

Regina Bird, the third winner of the show, has not had it easy since her win. Commonly referred to as Reggie, she has struggled with issues of becoming legally blind.

She also had a difficult time taking care of her son, who was suffering from cystic fibrosis. It got even worse when she separated from her husband, Dale Sorenson.

Reggie struggled with depression for about two years. She has done her best to overcome it all by living one day at a time.

Trevor Butler – Season 4

The winner of season 4, Trevor Butler, went home with an unbelievable cash prize of $1,000,000. He was the first and only contestant to win such an amount, unlike the previous winners who took home $250,000. 

After becoming an instant millionaire, Trevor didn’t go out looking for jobs. He chose to spend quality time with his family and friends before resuming normalcy.

Trevor is now married with kids and has been working on the radio. 

Greg Mathew – Season 5

Greg Mathew is one of the smartest winners of Big Brother Australia. After winning in season five, he chose to invest his prize money wisely.

He is now a self-acclaimed multi-millionaire thanks to his wise investment decisions. The former reality TV star invested in properties in Newcastle, nightclubs and some hotels.

Married and a father of three, Greg is quoted as saying he is happy with the smart investment decisions he made. He now has money working for him. 

Jamie Brooksby – Season 6

Jamie Brooksby starred on Big Brother Australia, taking home the crown as the 6th season winner. After he won, he went to join the real estate industry.

He currently works as a property developer in Melbourne and Brisbane. Jamie is mandated with handling property sales of medium to high-end developments. 

Jamie looks forward to having a family someday. He loves the idea of having kids; he is a proud dad of an adorable dog named Dallas.

Aleisha Cowcher – Season 7

In 2007, Aleisha Cowcher was declared the winner of Big Brother Australia season 7. Aleisha joined Big Brother as a hairdresser.

After she won, Aleisha decided to put her prize money in the bank for it to earn interest. She was pretty cautious because she had never had money.

After a while, she saw it wise to invest in a hair salon. Aleisha also bought a car and a house.

Aleisha has definitely spent her grand prize money wisely.

Terri Munro – Season 8

Big Brother Australia season 8 was won by Terri Munro after being in the house for 85 days. Terri’s runners-up were Ben McCallum and Rory Ammon.

Terri was the oldest winner to win the show at 52.  She is a former supermarket worker who won a cash prize of $250,000.

Well, Terri did well with herself for she chose to spend her prize money travelling. She has been to Europe, Vietnam and Canada.

She also bought a caravan that she uses to move around Australia.

Benjamin Norris – Season 9

The ninth season in 2012 was won by an openly gay person. This was Benjamin Norris, who was in a relationship boyfriend, Ben Williams.

After he won, Benjamin proposed to Ben on live TV. They have so far celebrated their ten years in marriage.

Benjamin has a career in the media. He now appears on The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show with David Robinson and Rob McKnight on Ticker.

He has since been made the new breakfast TV co-host at Ticker.

Tim Dormer – Season 10

Tim Dormer triumphed on Big Brother Australia season 10. After 101 days in the house, Tim Dormer won himself a $250,000 prize. 

Tim went on to become a radio presenter plus TV presenter for Channel 9’s TODAY. He also appeared in several TV commercials.

He also hosted POPSUGAR’s podcast, POPCAST: Life After Reality TV. Tim and his partner Ash Toweel are currently engaged.

Ryan Ginns – Season 11

Ryan Ginns triumphed to become the 11th winner of the show. He took down Victorian Travis Lunardi and crowned the winner.

The 11th season winner worked as a graphic designer for the creative team at The Grounds Of Alexandra. After receiving his prize winnings, Ryan went on to open a bar as earlier intended.

Chad Hurst – Season 12

When Chad Hurst was declared the winner of season 12, he won a cash prize of $234,656. Chad won the Big Brother Australia 2020 edition.

Chad, a model, planned to use some of his prize money to take his boys on a trip. He also wanted to take care of some pending bills.


When it comes to Big Brother Australia winners, it is evident that some have made wise money decisions. Others have already squandered their money and gone back to square one.

The best part of some winners is having a career in the media. While others have since struggled, some are doing pretty well with themselves.

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