Who Is Billy Bowman? Everything To Know About Oklahoma Sooners Defensive Back

Who Is Billy Bowman? Everything To Know About Oklahoma Sooners Defensive Back

Billy Bowman is an emerging young talent in American football who is yet to feature on the Wikipedia site. Continue reading to know more about him. 

Billy Bowman is an expert in the field of American football although he is also familiar with other sports such as basketball and track and field.

He is currently playing for the team, Oklahoma Sooners by fulfilling the duty of the defensive back of the team.

Moreover, he plays in the team under jersey number 5.

Billy Bowman Wikipedia And Biography

The biography of Billy Bowman is currently unavailable on the official domain of Wikipedia.

However, his stats and other information are still available on various sports pages available on the Internet.

Due to his lack of Wiki page, his childhood, birthdate and other educational qualification are still unknown to his fans and enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, some pieces of information about him can be gained from his Instagram account as he frequently updates posts on his account.

Find Out Billy Bowman Age

Billy Bowman is currently 18 years old, as per 247sports.

Considering his age in 2021, he is estimated to be born in early 2003. However, his birthday or his exact date of birth have not been revealed yet to the public.

He is currently a high-school student who is studying at Ryan High school in Oklahoma and is also playing for the college’s senior league football.

Similarly, he has signed a contract with the Oklahoma Sooners with good salary figures to uplift his net worth income. 

Meet Billy Bowman Parents

Billy Bowman is extremely supported by his parents in choosing his profession. 

However, there is no information available about his parents because he has never talked about his parents in his interviews or the media.

Billy is currently taking steps into his professional career football and is yet to earn big names in the league. He has privatized most of his personal info.

Nevertheless, you can find out about his appearance, measurements, how tall is he? through the official website of his team.

Does Billy Bowman Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Billy Bowman is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Jayda Coleman.

Jayda is also associated with the University of Oklahoma and they might have met each other in the same university.

Just recently, Billy posted a picture of him and his girl wishing her on her 20th birthday. They seem to be in a long-term relationship.

Similarly, Jayda can be seen supporting Billy by attending his games and likewise, Billy can be seen attending her sports events.