Bonnie Bedelia Illness And Health Problems

Actress Bonnie Bedelia has not discussed her illness or health problems.

She seems completely fit and fine. Still, she is enthusiastic about the arts. Other than featuring on TV, she spends her leisure time painting.

Despite the aging, Bedelia has been cast by the directors. Recently, she featured in Violet, Panic, and Life of the Rocks.

Bonnie Bedelia Age: How Old Is She?

Bonnie Bedelia is in the age of 73 years.

She was born in 1948 and cuts the cake on the 25th of March. She has a zodiac sign of Aries and her birthplace is in New York City.

Bedelia was raised by amazing parents: Marian Ethel and Philip Harley Culkin. Her mother was a writer and editor whilst her father was in public relations.

Moreover, Bonnie has two siblings: Kit Culkin and Candice Culkin. Her brother is an actor and manager but the professional details of her sister are unknown.

Bedelia holds American nationality and hails from a white and well-off ancestry.

Bonnie Bedelia Net Worth: How Rich Is She? 

As noted by Celebrity Net Worth, Bonnie Bedelia has an estimated fortune of $2M.

She is in the entertainment industry since the 60s. Throughout the years, she has received bulky paychecks and has accumulated decent wealth.

Also, Bedelia experiences a luxurious life in the States.

Bonnie Bedelia Instagram: Where Is She Now?

Bonnie Bedelia is not active on social sites like Instagram.

She is an old-school woman without much knowledge of today's technology. However, fans have posted her photos on virtual platforms with the hashtag #bonniebedelia.

As of now, Bonnie is in the States and has been landing some minor roles in TV.

Details On Bonnie Bedelia Husband And Children

Actor Michael MacRae is the current husband of Bonnie Bedelia.

The duo got married in 1995 and is together since then. They have aged synchronically and do not skip a moment with each other.

Previously, Bedelia was married to the scriptwriter, Ken Luber. Also, she was shortly wedded to the musician, Jay Telfer.

Bonnie shares two children with Ken. They welcomed their kids, Uri and Jonah in 1970 and 1976 respectively.