Brandon Fugal Wikipedia: Meet the Skinwalker Ranch Owner

Brandon's Wikipedia is absent for now.

But, he does have a Twitter bio with over 11.3k followers. A native of Utahn, Brandon Fugal's age is 47 years old. 

Brandon Fugal is the owner of Skinwalker Ranch.

In 2016, Fugal bought the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. Also known as the Sherman Ranch, the house is well-known for its paranormal and even alien activities. Likewise, the property is massive, 207 ha, and situated in Balland, Utah.

Fugal was interested in paranormal activities from an early age. Following the same enthusiasm, he purchased the Skinwalker Ranch to see if the legends were true.

In fact, even Brandon claims to have witnessed UFO sightings on the property. 

Where is He Now?

Brandon Fugal is now a TV star for documentary series. 

Many TV shows and movies have portrayed the story of The Skinwalker Ranch before. In 2021, the History Channel featured the own version of the story titled "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch."

Furthermore, the TV series even used technology to track unusual activities. 

Brandon Fugal Net Worth As a Businessman

Fugal's net worth comes in a million.

Fugal is a real estate tycoon in Utah. He is the chairman of Colliers International, the top commercial real estate firm in the state. Similarly, he is the co-founder and board member of Axcend.

In 2020, the businessman became the board member of Zenerchi LLC. In addition, his business expands up to texas as the co-founder of Texas Growth Fund IIIC. So, we do not doubt that Brandon Fugal's salary and earning are in six figures.  

The Skinwalker Rach alone is worth thousands of dollars. The house was previously owned by Robert Bigelow, who supposedly paid $200,000 for the property.