LSU: Brian Kelly Contract Has Salary of $10 million

Brian Kelly’s contract might make him the highest-paid college football coach. According to the reports, his contract of 10 years is worth ‘$100 Million’. Likewise, the incentives are believed to be included in his salary.

As of today, the highest-paid college football coach is Nick Saban. He earns an annual salary of $9.75 million. Saban’s salary is said to increase yearly and will make $11.5 million the final year.

Ed Orgeron, the former coach of LSU, earned $9.01 million. According to Alabama football, he is the second-highest-paid football coach.

Likewise, David Shaw, the football coach of Stanford, takes third place with an annual salary of $8.92 million.

While some believe Brian’s earnings to be $10 million per year, some state it might be around $15 million. In fact, his contract has recently been the topic of discussion all over the internet.

If Kelly is to earn the reported salary in the upcoming years, he will surpass Nick Saban to become the highest-paid College Football Coach.

Brian Kelly Wife And Family Facts

Brian Kelly’s wife is Paqui Kelly.

They have been married for more than two decades. Likewise, they have three children together; one son and two daughters. Their names are Patrick, Grace, and Kenzel respectively.

Having been together for many years, both Brian and Paqui are extremely supportive of each other. Similarly, they have supported each other in every step of their lives.

On the other hand, Paqui was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought against the disease and recovered from it. In fact, she later started the start the Kelly Cares Foundation. The foundation works towards improving health and education in the communities.

Talking about his other family members, Brian has a sister named Kimberly Kelly.

Brian Kelly Net worth 2021: How Rich Is He With $100 Million 10 years Contract?

Brian Kelly has an estimated Net Worth of $30 Million. With added $100 million, his Net Worth will amount up to $130 million in the next 10 years.

Other NCAA football coaches like Nick Saban and James Franklin have a Net Worth of $60 million and $12 million respectively.

With Kelly’s new contract, he will make history and could become the highest-paid college football coach.