Brian Maxwell Wikipedia Age Net Worth: Everything On Boxer

Brian Maxwell Wikipedia Age Net Worth: Everything On Boxer

Boxer Brian Maxwell knocked down Chad Johnson. Know everything about his Wikipedia and net worth.

Brian Maxwell is a professional MMA fighter. As per his statistics, he has a pro-MMA record of 2-3-0.

During the recent temporary exhibition bout, Brian landed a right hook to Johnson’s jaw, knocking him down instantly. Chad‘s fighting debut ended in a loss.

Brian Maxwell Age: How Old Is He?

Brian Maxwell’s age is 33 years old.

Reportedly, he was born on August 16, 1987. He will reach 34 years old in 2021.

Moving on, Brian stands at the height of 6 feet. Moreover, his latest weigh-in reveals that his weight is 93 kg.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, we can’t find Brian Maxwell on Wikipedia.

However, we can find more about him on Tapology. Also, he has a private Facebook account.

With over 3.7 thousand followers, Brian is active on Instagram. As per his bio, he is also a Muay Thai fighter.

His Net Worth Explored

Brian Maxwell’s net worth and assets have been kept private.

Since he hasn’t been involved in many fights, we believe he is yet to make a name for himself.

Thus, we predict that his worth is still in the thousands.

Everything On The Boxer

As a professional boxer, Brian Maxwell has been fighting Rocky Mount, Virginia, United States.

Even though his recent fight doesn’t count whatsoever, his knockdown footage has gone viral. He has shown his potential and is ready for his next fight.

Furthermore, Brian describes himself as an upcoming superstar. He clearly showed his confidence in the ring against Chad.

Who Is His Wife?

Since there is no update on Brian Maxwell’s married life, we have no idea about his wife.

Also, the boxer has failed to reveal anything related to his girlfriend.

At the moment, we remain clueless about his family life too. All we can confirm is that he is an American citizen.

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