What happened to John McCain’s Daughter Bridget Mccain?

What happened to John McCain’s Daughter Bridget Mccain?

Bridget Mccain controversy had been buzzing around and her mother Cindy provided a small update on her. Let’s learn more about it.

Bridget is the youngest daughter of John and Cindy McCain. John was an American politician and a navy officer.

Bridget McCain Controversy

Bridget McCain’s controversy is fast-spreading news. She is the quietest in all of the McCain family.

Bridget was dragged into controversy as she defended her father John from the allegations from former US President Donald Trump. Trump had publicly said that Josh was not a war hero but was only captured during his campaign in the 2016 election.

Bridget had slammed Trump with a tweet in March 2019. She asked Trump to be decent and respectful or at least mindful in his speech. That was really a brave step from her to protect his father’s dignity after his death in 2018.

What allegations did Bridget Mccain make?

Bridget McCain’s allegations were against Donald Trump.

McCain had made her second tweet against the former US President. There she alleged him of being a child in the most important role in the world (US President).

Also, she alleged Trump of seeking attention all the time. Bridget said Trump would attend her father’s funeral just for credit, not for any condolences.

Bridget’s bravery was praised by a number of people including her siblings. Bridget is the youngest child in the McCain family among all her seven siblings.

Is Bridget McCain adopted?

Bridget McCain was adopted by John and Cidney McCain in 1991.

Bridget was only three months old when she was adopted. Originally, she belongs is from Bangladesh. 

Currently, she has been living in Phoenix close to her mom’s resident. Cindy expressed her happiness saying she can now see her daughter more often as she is her neighbor. 

Is Bridget McCain on Wikipedia? Her Age

Bridget’s Wikipedia page is not available yet.

Bridget’s age is 29 years old being born on July 21, 1991.

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