Meet Briggs Edwards Girlfriend On Instagram

Briggs Edwards has not shared anything about his girlfriend on Instagram or any of his social media profiles. 

Briggs has shared only one multiple-image post on his Instagram. But that too is much harder to understand anything from or make any reasonable outcome from it.

Still, his Instagram handle @briggsedwards9 has amassed over 1.6 k followers. 

What Is Briggs Edwards Age?

Briggs Edwards is currently 20-25 years of age.

Despite the fact that his origin is unknown, it is apparent that he currently resides in North Carolina.

Speaking of his education, He appears to be enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the present time.

Besides that, not much is known about Briggs because he has never spoken or shared about his personal life.

Briggs Edwards Gameday Viral Dance On TikTok Explained

TikTok Gameday Viral Dance video by Briggs Edwards is getting more popular day by day, especially among UNC fans. 

In the video, Briggs can be seen dancing to the Neon Moon Remix song by DJ Noiz, which was originally sung by Brooks & Dunn.

Moreover, three of his friends appear in the video but do not dance. In addition to that, Briggs has added a text that reads When It's UNC Game Day in the same clip.

Edwards seems to be a huge fan of Sam Howell, the North Carolina Tar Heels' American football quarterback. It's because he almost always wears the UNC jersey with Howell's name on it.


##fyp ##pledgetok ##gameday

♬ original sound - DJ Noiz

UNC: Who is Briggs Edwards TikTok?

UNC supporter Biggs Edwards is a TikToker from the US. 

Sam began publishing dance videos on TikTok in the early September of 2021.

His first clip was a dance video to Internet Money's song His & Hers, which became an instant smash with 46 thousand likes and nearly 100 thousand views.

Brigg's second and third videos also did well, receiving over 500k views and a total of 16.5k likes. However, his fourth video was the one that made him very much famous on TikTok as it crossed over a million views. 

Speaking of Brigg's fourth TikTok video, He performed a quirky dance in a famous Sir Mix-A-Lot song called Baby Got Back.


Channeling my inner Addison

♬ His & Hers - Internet Money & Gunna