Who Is Bryony Emmett? Meet The Wife Of BBC Radio One Presenter Matt Edmonson

Who Is Bryony Emmett? Meet The Wife Of BBC Radio One Presenter Matt Edmonson

Bryony Emmett is the wife of popular BBC one reporter Matt Edmondson. Lets get to know more about her age, job as well as other details.

Bryony Emmett is a beautiful life partner of a British media personality who has been together for more than a decade.

She looks very happy with her family as they spend quality time together more often as seen through the social media handles.

Meet Matt Edmondson Radio 1 Wife Bryony Emmett 

Bryony Emmett is in a matrimonial relationship with BBC Radio 1 reporter, Matt Edmondson for 8 long years as of now.

They tied the know together on the 6th of September, 2013 in a lavish wedding where various BBC veterans attended his marital ceremony.

Before tying the knot, they were in a romantic relationship for more than 7 years since May 2006 as he has said that they started dating each other since then.

Moreover, Bryony was the childhood sweetheart of Matthew who purposed her to spend the life together with her having a beautiful family.

Furthermore, they got a chance to rejoice in parental happiness after giving birth to a cute little daughter Ivy who currently is 5 years old.

What Is The Age Of Bryony Emmett?

We do not know the exact birth date of Bryony Emmett but she looks around 30 -35 years old as per her pictures.

Although we do not know her exact date of birth, she annually blows candles on the 25th of October and she is a British Nationale.

She got a chance to study ballet at Elmhurst Ballet School from where she has expertise in ballet dancing and she has been teaching it too.

After completing her education in Ballet school, she joined London Studio Centre where Ishe achieved a foundation degree in contemporary dance. 


What Job Does Bryony Emmett Have?

Bryony Emmett works as a fitness trainer and she generally focuses on personal training as she has chosen it as her job.

along with that, she also teaches dance to the people who want to ace their skills as a dancer and she focuses mainly on ballet.

She has been able to handle her personal life as well as professional life with a balance as Matt also seems to be a very helpful partner.

Matthew generally shares about his wife and his daughter on his Instagram handle from where we can believe they love each other very much.

Net Worth Of Bryony Emmett 

The net worth of Bryony Emmett is estimated to be around $100,000 – $200,000 as of 2021 but it is just an assumption.

Her husband has been earning more than $50,000 annually as his association with British Broadcasting Corporation has been paying him well.

With her own fitness studio, she has been able to earn enough as she has mainly focused on personal training with wealthy clients.

Besides, she is available on Instagram too under the handle @bryonyedmondson but unfortunately, she has kept it private.