Where Can I Buy or sell ByteDance Stock pre IPO?


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Since there is no TikTok stock symbol or Ticker and its IPO cannot be bought but people can still invest in Bytedance Stock Pre IPO.

There is a secondary market platform for the pre-IPO equities called EquityZen. With this, the shareholders can their stock options to various investors.

As only the employees of Bytedance can invest in it as it is a privately held company. So, in other words, we would have to be an employee of Bytedance to invest and get some liquidity for our company stock.

People can also invest in a private equity fund like AngelList that would turn the investment in companies into venture capital rounds. Such investors would get exposure to early-stage companies that are pre-screened by professional investment firms.

But the sad news is that only wealthy individuals having high net worth can invest in such private equity funds.

It seems that the best way to invest in TikTok would be to wait for Bytedance to go public.

There have also been some reports saying that Bytedance would be giving Initial Public Offering in Hongkong. It would be great if Bytedance went public because it has millions of users who are willing to invest in it and the influencer can monetize from their accounts properly. 

Bytedance: TikTok Stock Symbol or Ticker Explained

The popularity of ByteDance around the world continues to grow because of its in-house app TikTok.

TikTok is an addicting video-sharing app and during these few months of lockdown, many people from famous celebrities to common people are posting new videos to entertain each other. TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times as of July 2020.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Bytedance company has generated more than 5.6 billion dollars in revenues because of the lockdown effect all over the world. This Chinese based Bytedance is now worth more than 200 billion dollars because of its more than 130% increase in revenue than last year.  

With such high market capitalization, the rife in the public interest to know about the IPO investment in this company is totally justifiable. Also, the cutting back of the advertisers on the Facebook platform has caused a decline in the stock value of Facebook Inc. In this situation, TikTok is becoming favorable as a new platform for various ads. As TikTok boasts with the huge number of users currently, this may further increase its revenue as ads on TikTok might increase.

If TikTok users continue to grow at this rate, its revenue might even surpass the social media giant Facebook. 

But Bytedance is still privately held, so its shares cannot be bought in the stock market. And there is no TikTock stock symbol or Ticker.

However, there is speculation that Bytedance will soon go public and the users can invest in TikTok. Bytedance has received investment from an investment firm, Softbank, and it is eager to have a successful IPO from its investments.

According to various online reports, Bytedance might go public during Spring 2020, but the company says that the reports about a 2020 listing are false. So the date for the ByteDance IPO to be available has still not been confirmed.