Are Camille Slusher And Shandra Barrera Still Together?

Yes, Camille Slusher and Shandra Barrera are still together.

The couple engaged twice in the last two years.

The couple engaged in Nov 2020 as Shandra proposed to Camille. To further bond their relationship, Camille proposed once again to Barrera in May this year.

Hopefully, we get to see the couple get married soon enough.

Camille Slusher Partner Shandra Barrera On Instagram

Camille Slusher is on Instagram at @camillevelyn.

Looking at the Instagram of Slusher and her partner Shandra Barrera @shandrabarrera, it is clear that they both celebrate their love without hesitation.

After going to the therapy on screen, you may be curious how their life turns out. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for regular updates.

Camille Slusher Age Details

Camille Slusher looks to be around the age of 25-30 years old. And, so does her partner Shandra Barrera.

Slusher was confused with her sexual identity from her teenage but could not confront it due to her mother's Jehovah’s Witness. At the age of 20s, she finally identified as a lesbian.

On the other hand, her partner Shandra was always confident with her sexual identity from the age she found out.

Sex Love And Goop Cast Camille Slusher Wikipedia

Camille Slusher, the cast of Sex, Love and Goop is originally from Seattle, Washington

Before the documentary series, Camille was simply an ordinary woman. But after the release of the show, she is now an idol for many young ladies who feel vulnerable looking at the mirror, as she explained in the trailer.

Different couples in the show represent different kinds of problems. Camille struggled with being comfortable with her own body and with homophobia as well.