The Bizum Scammer Candela Medrano and Her Famous TikTok Video, Everything To Know

The Bizum Scammer Candela Medrano and Her Famous TikTok Video, Everything To Know

Candela Medrano is an alleged TikTok scammer from Malaga who asks her more than 70,000 followers for money to get her protected son back. Find more in detail about Candela Medrano in this article.

The 20-year-old Candela Medrano who continues to record videos on the social network has recognized an “economic-loving” relationship with an older man.

Who Is Candela Medrano? 

Candela Medrano is a Malaga-based suspected Tik Tok scammer who asks her over 70,000 followers for money in order to reclaim her kidnapped son.

Candela confirms that she had an economic-loving connection with a guy over 90 years old in one of her live broadcasts on the social network TikTok. Her real name, Encarnación Jiménez Medrano, tells his supporters that the man, Francisco, maintained my house and gave me everything.

Out of jealousy, a person named Nati interfered in the accused Tik Tok scammer’s connection with Francisco, according to the alleged Tik Tok scammer. According to Candela’s claims, the older man is now dating Nati and has purchased a rewarding car for her.

Candela Medrano has described her experience and the issue she faced in reuniting with her children on various Tik Tok accounts, where she has over 70 thousand followers.


@vanesagabarrejimenez07 @vanesagabarrejimenez @vanesagabarrejimenez7 muchas gracias 💜💜😘😘

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She has used the story to take advantage of the public’s generosity by asking for money, either through raffles or direct donations.

The money was received by Bizum, who disclosed his personal phone number and bank account information in his videos. Candela Medrano is accused of defrauding over 12,000 euros in total.

Candela Medrano TikTok Star and The Bizum Scammer

Candela is her stage name, but her real name is Encarnación J. Medrano. Several Internet users accuse her of being “the TikTok scammer,” in which she urges her followers to pay money to help her retrieve her son after the Board of Andalusia’s social services withdraw custody.

She was born in Mallorca but now lives in Fuengirola (Málaga). According to information obtained by CASO Abierto, Encarnación J. Medrano has been arrested 17 times for abuse, fraud, robbery with violence, and cash forgery.

Her most recent arrest occurred in 2019. The same network that she reportedly exploited to swindle her followers through raffles and trickery was the voice to condemn the violence in Santa Justa on Monday.

Candela can be found on Instagram under the username @candela.medrano. 

Medrano also has a fan Tiktok account where the profile enriches 1977 followers at the time of writing.