Who is CEO Bobby Memphis?

CEO Bobby is a rapper based in Memphis. 

Also, he is one of the two suspects who killed fellow rapper, Young Dolph. Someone leaked the rumor on Instagram Live and it has spread all across social media. 

However, the Memphis Police has not confirmed any arrests until now. Even though they were vague with details, they did mention that they are looking into the people of interest. 

In a leaked Instagram Live video, CEO Bobby was being arrested. And fans were very quick to make assumptions about his rumored arrest. We are still waiting for details and will update you with more soon.


CEO Bobby Instagram: Is The Suspect Arrested?

CEO Bobby's Instagram account is not known for the time being. 

However, the rapper was spotted in a viral Instagram live footage that shows him being arrested. Also, there are a lot of rumors which state that CEO Bobby is one of the suspects in the murder of Young Dolph. 

The 36-year-old was shot multiple times in Makeda's Cookies and died on the spot. The two suspects, who initially came in the white Mercedes Benz fled the scene immediately. 

Moreover, no arrests have been confirmed by the Memphis Police. So, CEO Bobby is not arrested until now. Several rumors say that the rapper is on the run. 

CEO Bobby Age And Real Name

The rapper has not shared any information about his age and birthday to date. 

Also, his real name remains under review for the time being. The Memphis-based rapper has not released any music for quite some time now. However, he came into the boost of attention when he was spotted on an Instagram live. 

The video footage is getting all the attention on social networking sites like Reddit and Twitter. 

We will try and keep you updated.