Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Dancer Girlfriend Chantel Baptista? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Dancer Girlfriend Chantel Baptista? Meet Her On Instagram

Chantel Baptista’s age is believed to be the late 20s. Is the girlfriend of criminal figure Pasquale Barbaro updated on Wikipedia? Let’s find.

Chantel is an Australian Portuguese dancer by profession.

She, however, is best appraised as the lover of a notorious criminal figure Pasquale Barbaro. Most recently, the mini-series Australian Gangster premiered just a day ago on September 13.

After the premiering, individuals related to Pasquale are broadly investigated.

Among the most searched individuals about Pasquale include Chantel as well.

Hence, we’ve tried to clear all the queries you’ve been pondering lately.

It was quite difficult, for we are in short of data in regards to Chantel’s subtleties.

That being said, we’ve assembled snippets of data to create a brief bio of her.

Pasquale Barbaro Girlfriend Chantel Baptista: Where Is She Now? 

Chantel Baptista came to the spotlight after being unveiled as the girlfriend of Pasquale Barbaro.

Barbaro was a well-known notorious Sydney crime figure believed to have links with the criminal underworld.

The 35-year-old crime figure was murdered back in 2016 at Earlwood in Sydney.

Baptista was a professional dancer in Dubai, and Australia contracted at a venue, “The Act” in UAE.

Reportedly, she dated the late Sydney criminal figure before his death.

In fact, their romance attracted a lot of attention from the people.

Chantel was living with Pasquale and her mother when he was announced dead.

Allegedly, he had some meeting plans with Chantel the night he was murdered. Following the death of the criminal figure, she didn’t appear on media.

In any case, Chantel became the victim of severe cyberbullying and criticism. As of now, her whereabouts and presence are unknown to anyone.

What Is Chantel Baptista Age?

Chantel Baptista’s age is believed to be in the scope of 20-30 years old.

The aforementioned age, however, isn’t substantiated but is based on appearance.

Chantel was quite young when she was reported dating Pasquale.

The professional dancer had genuine feelings for him while he had several affairs at a time. In fact, Pasquale was once a married man to his then-wife named Melina.

Melina and Pasquale had two children from their marital relationship. Chantel’s boyfriend separated from his then-wife and children in 2013.

Chantel Baptista Wikipedia 

Baptista hasn’t made it to the mainstream media platform Wikipedia so far.

Neither had her reportedly late-boyfriend Pasquale Barbaro is updated on the platform. Sporadic articles in relationship with Pasquale are approachable on the web.

Most recently, an increment in articles about her biography is realized.

Is Chantel On Instagram?

Chantel is not within easy reach on Instagram.

At some point in time, she was a social butterfly with immense fan followers. However, following the cyberbullying and criticism, Chantel lacks a presence on social platforms.

The criticisms impacted her in such a way, Baptista literally disappeared from the virtual platforms.

Henceforth, passiveness in social platforms has restricted us from accessing potential insights.

As of which, we are unknown about her potential subtleties and whereabouts as well.