Why Was Chillinit aka Blake Turnell Arrested?  

A video on Twitter shows Chillinit getting arrested. However, there is no official news about it on the web. 

Sources claim that he was buying Christmas presents for his mother. His last Instagram story shows a video from five hours ago. 

The video shows a number of police officers in front of a shopping mall. It further shows how the officers search Chillinit while his mother holds the camera to record.

Nothing can be said for certain at the moment as we do not know if the video is real or recent. We might have to wait for some time until we get a more credible source on this matter.

If the video is the recent one, it may not have been a long time since he was arrested. And, according to the clip, it seems it was taken by someone who witnessed the whole scene. The video further shows who looks like Chillinit being searched. 

What Are The Charges On Chillinit?- Get The Updates

There are no updates about the charges led on Blake Turnell. Official news is yet to appear on the media regarding his arrest as well. 

Based on the description on the video on Youtube, he was arrested for not wearing a mask in public.  However, it is just hearsay at the moment as no credible source has confirmed the story.

We do not know how credible is the video that has surfaced on Twitter at present. However, once we confirm the news, we will flow the information to you. 

Find Out About Chillinit Wife and Mother

Blake Turnell is possibly not married yet but has a mother whom he loves immensely. His mother came from Lebanon with her family to Australia. Her name has been confidential to the public till now.  

In October, he released a new song named "Susan's Son" that he credited to his mother. He directly sang the song to his mom and gifted her a $100,000 cheque as well. 

The song was the representation of his love for his loved ones and family. In the song's lyrics, he talks about the pain he has given to his mother, but now he raps and runs a rap game.