Was Christa Paffgen Racist? 

Christa Paffgen was a racist and violent and evil prejudice against black people. She attacked a mixed-race woman at a Chelsea hotel with a glass of crushed wine, saying, "I hate black people."

Nico told an interviewer that he did not like "Negroes" and they had animal-like traits. She said a black American soldier raped her at the age of thirteen.

Nico's manager and promoter said he had never seen her express racism as he said; she lived in a multicultural city and was a close friend of Yankee Bill, which was their American-Jamaica security guard.

Her drummer, Graham Doddle, said that Niko played an Indian instrument, worked with North Africans and brought it into her music.

What Is Velvet Underground Singer Nico Nazi Ideology?

Velvet Underground Singer Nico Nazi Ideology was superior physically, spiritually, and creatively. 

Nico's friend Danny Fields, an American journalist who helped her sign on Elektra Records, explained her as "Nazi-esque," describing: "Every once in a while there is something about Jews, and I say, 'But Nico, I'm a Jew,' and he said 'Yes, yes, I don't mean you.

She had a direct Nordic Aryan streak. Fields further stated in a 2002 interview that Niko was very far from being a Nazi, except that all Germans are Nazis.

How Did Christa Paffgen Die?

On July 17, 1988, Christa Paffgen went on holiday in Ibiza to rest after a concert in Berlin in June 1988 and died in a bicycle accident.

A passing taxi driver took her unconscious, but getting her to local hospitals wasn't easy. She was wrongly diagnosed with heatstroke and pronounced dead at 8 p.m.

X-rays later revealed excessive bleeding in the brain as the cause of death. Her son later told the public about the incident that his mother, Nico, went to town to buy weeds on the morning of July 17, 1988.

Paffgen was just 49 years of age, born on October 16, 1938. 

Nico's cremated body was buried at her mother's grave in Grunewald, a forest cemetery in Berlin. At her funeral, her friends played the tape "Mütterlein," a Desertshore song.

There is nothing regarding her eye update as she had passed away decades ago.