What Happened to Christoph Metzelder? Everything To Know

What Happened to Christoph Metzelder? Everything To Know

Is The Former German footballer Christoph Metzelder on Wikipedia? The former pro-footballer is in the dock on child porn charges. Here’s Mezelder’s Wikipedia and Case Updates.

Christoph Metzelder is an ex-football player. He mainly was recognized as a defender for Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke.4

According to the latest news, the center-back is accused of sharing child porn with women online. A police report says that he is responsible

for sharing 29 pornographic files to three women via WhatsApp. The files included content featuring children and teens.

The allegations against him came in September 2019. If convicted, he will receive a fine or imprisonment of three months to five years. 

Is Christoph Wikipedia?

According to Metzelder’s Wikipedia, he is the former finalist of the 2002 Fifa World Cup.

Christoph Metelder’s age is 40 years old as of March 2021.

After his retirement, he has been working as a pundit for Sky Sports Germany. He has played for bigger clubs, including Real Madrid, having a career of over 15 years.

He also runs a children’s foundation to support socially disadvantaged people across Germany. However, after his allegations, it has been difficult for him to address the public personally.

Furthermore, Metzelder’s trial is set to schedule until May 10, 2021.

Christoph Metzelder Wife and Familie

Christoph Metzelder has one daughter with his ex-girlfriend Julia Goedicke.

His daughter’s name is Emma Metzelder, who was born in the year 2009.

For now, Christoph is dating Marie Wellmann. She has managed to stay cool with him even after his allegations.

His familie also includes his mother, Maria-Theresia Metzelder, and his brother is Jan Malte Metzelder, a well-known German Footballer.

Christoph’s Net Worth

Christoph’s official net worth information has not been revealed.

However, many websites suggest his net worth to be around $5 million as of 2021.

Moreover, he made his fortune by playing for some of the richest clubs, like FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund, and Real Madrid.

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