Who Is Christophe Rull? Facts To Know About This Personality

Who Is Christophe Rull? Facts To Know About This Personality

Baker Squad’s Christophe Rull’s age has become a public concern after his introduction on a Netflix show. Continue reading to find out about his married life and social media presence.

Christophe is a local pastry chef and a candidate for Netflix’s food reality show called Baker Squad.

Likewise, he also won the Food Network’s “Halloween Wars” in 2017 and was crowned the Food Network’s “Holiday Wars” champion in 2018.

Baker Squad: Christophe Rull Age

Christophe’s age has been known to be 36 years old.

However, his exact date of birth is unknown, but he was born and raised in Marcellius, France, where his grandfather was a baker.

He began his journey as a cook by cooking with his father when he was just 12 years old. He used to peel carrots and potatoes.

After graduating from high school, he spent four years cooking, where he chose to bake.

He also completed an apprenticeship at the prestigious National School of Confectioners in France.

Who Is Christophe Rull Wife?

Wilma Rull is the wife of Christophe Rull.

He also has a stepson named Bryon; he is around 16 years old; the family also lives in San Marcos, Texas. Christophe is currently training in his dormitory.

Christophe Rull Wikipedia Explored

Christophe’s bio is not found on Wikipedia yet.

For all the curious people who want to know Christophe Rull is, he is a local pastry chef and is currently a contestant of Baker Squad, which is on Netflix.

The series is hosted by Christina Tosi, founding father of the famous New York-born snack bar dessert shop empire. She hand-picked the contestants last year.

Many local pastry chefs fets nervous ahead of Tosi, but Rull didn’t know who she was.

Recently, Rull finished up his five years as a pastry chef at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad.

He has realized some local fame in recent years with the big chocolate sculptures he created each season for the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort lobby.

He is known for his 250 pound Christmas train out of molding chocolate made up of ingredients like chocolate and syrup.

Christophe Instagram Account

Christopher’s Instagram username is @christopherullpro.

He has over 2000 followers and around 190 posts on Instagram. Well, the baker has also proven his baking skills on Instagram.

He also sponsored the Baker Squad on his Instagram too.