Christopher Bariou Age And Net Worth: Meet Nadine Lustre New Boyfriend On Instagram

Christopher Bariou Age And Net Worth: Meet Nadine Lustre New Boyfriend On Instagram

The new boyfriend of Nadine Lustre is Christopher Bariou as she ended her relationship with James Reid, Find out all there is about Bariou below

Christopher Bariou is a local businessman of the Philippines known as the current boyfriend of Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre is a Filipino actress and singer. Nadine and Christopher were spotted together shopping casually confirming the long-established rumour of their relationship.

They were first seen together on the beach of Siargao initiating the rumour. Some fans are supporting Nadine for her latest choice while some are still bummed about her previous break-up.

Christopher Bariou Age Details

Christopher Bariou can be guessed to have an age somewhat similar to that of Nadine’s, which is 25-30 years old.

Since Nadine is 27 in age and Christopher does not look much older than her, we can take a hint at his age.

Although currently working in Philipines, he was born and raised in France and is of French nationality. He spent all of his young age in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge with his father Raymond Bariou and his mother.

Christopher did not grow up alone and was accompanied by his sister Stephanie Christine Bariou. The siblings have an age difference up to 5 years.

Nadine Lustre New Boyfriend Christopher Bariou Wiki

Christopher Bariou was rumoured to be the new boyfriend of Nadine Lustre starting from August of 2021.

Everything about Nadine Lustre can be read on her Wikipedia page.

Additionally to the beach spotlight, they were also found together at several parties and Filipino cultural traditions and festivals. Although it is not exactly confirmed by Nadine and could still be false.

However, judging by the pictures and the bond they seem to be sharing, fans believe that Christopher is the new boyfriend.

Nadine was previously in a three-year-long relationship with James Reid who is also a singer. Nadine and James had a musical duo, Nadine Lustre & James Reid. The duo quickly became one of the popular musical acts on Philipines earning them a nickname ‘Jadine’.

Christopher Bariou Net Worth And Instagram

Christopher Bariou just received notable fame and may take a while for his net worth to be uncovered.

Nadine had a net worth of $3 million or 151 Filipino million in 2017. 4 years later, her net worth is well ahead of $3 million. Considering that they are a couple now, Christopher could be more or less around the same net worth range.

Bariou owns two resorts: Maison Bukana and BE Siargao Resort. Christopher does not seem to show off his net worth as he maintains a private Instagram account. You can still request to follow him at @cbariou.