Claire Nicholson Family

Claire Nicholson family cosnsist of her husband Les Dennis born Leslie Dennis Heseltine, and two children: a daughter, Eleanor Grace,who was born on 24 April 2008. Their son, Thomas Christopher,who was born on 14 April 2011.

Claire has not revealed about her family and siblings however she is the native of United kingdom.

Moreover her eduacation background and childhood history are yet to be veiled.

Claire Nicholson Wikipedia

Claire Nicholson is absent from the wikipedia webpage however her husband Les Dennis wikipedia has been highlighted in google.

Although her name has also been highlighted in his wikipage as his spouse.

We can find her some details and picture in many media page related to his husband web news.

The blissful couple are together living in Liverpool England.

However not much about Claire Nicholson has been revealed in social media.

Claire Nicholson Age

Claire Nicholson Age is 50 years as of 2021 and was born in 1971.

Her husband les Dennis is 68 years recently.Having the huge age difference of 18 years they never has any difference that came in their marital relationship.Their thought choice and thinking get matched however they seems to be a match for each other.

Claire Nicholson and her husband met on 2005 and two years prior time he was splitted from his second wife Amanda Holden.

Claire and Les Dennis walked down the aisle in North London in 23rd November 2009. And Les Daughter Elanor Grace served as a flower Girl when she was 19 months.

The function was held among 160 guests including Lionel Blair, Michelle Collins, Sherrie Hewson, Carol McGiffin, Denise Welch, and others. 

Claire Nicholson Networth

Claire Nicholson Networth has not been related by any social media however, No source has revealed about her proffession and only been highlighted as a wife and mother.

In subtleties of her husband proffession as a comedian actor, and English Television Presenter, he has accumulated more than a million dollars of fortune.

Therefore they might be living their life really happily and heavenly together.

Claire Nicholson seem much active in her twitter account, She is discoverable as @MrsCHeseltine

However her husband is dynamic in all those social media profiles.