Jesse Mccree Sexual Assault And Allegations

Jesse Mccree suddenly became the most infamous character with the sexual assault allegations surrounding the character. 

A lot of gamers all around the globe talked about how they wanted the character to be replaced. However, many people wanted the character to last as well. 

So, Blizzard Entertainment does the most perfect thing and gives a different name to the same legendary character, So, Jesse Mccree will now be officially known as Cole Cassidy. 

The fans have shown mixed reactions to this replacement, of course. But many of them seem to agree that Jesse Mccree was beyond saving. 


Cole Cassidy Face Identity: What Does He Look Like?

Cole Cassidy looks more or less the same as Jesse Mccree. 

Blizzard evidently gave a very similar face to their new character as they didn't want to lose any feel of the character. But the name has been completely changed. 

So, Cole Cassidy has the same classic look with a cowboy hat and a cigar on his mouth. Likewise, his crooked look has also been retained as it seems so. 

Cole Cassidy Wikipedia: The New Overwatch Character Name Revealed

Cole Cassidy doesn't have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

However, Overwatch has already revealed the characteristics of their brand new character, and many of them coincide with Jesse Mccree. 

Mentioning the character, the game's official Twitter wrote, "Running from the past meant running from himself, each passing year only widened the divide between who he had been and what he had become." 

It looks like the cowboy is set to become one of the most famous characters of the video game as Jesse Mccree was never off the spotlight.