Silvia Zanchi Scientologist

From what we have gathered, Silvia is a second-generation Scientologist from Italy who moved to Scientologist mission at Belleair, Florida as a staff member of the religion and that's were she met Connor and fall in love with him. Her parents are also a devoted parishioner and she is really faithful in their shared religion.

Zanchi is also rumored to be a high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology. But her exact net worth is hard to estimate. 

Who Is Connor Cruise Girlfriend Turned Wife Silvia Zanchi?

Connor Cruise was in a secret relationship with a fellow Scientologist Silvia Zanchi and rumors about them dating only revealed when he was engaged in early 2019. The same year, these two got married and are together for almost a year now. However, not much is known about this celebrity wife Sylvia Zanchi.

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Being the wife of such a popular personality surely puts her in the public limelight, but Sylvia has managed to keep her life private. She is active on Instagram under the username 'silviazenci' but her account is private.

Although it is not yet confirmed that Connor Cruise and Silvia Zanchi are married, but they were engaged in a private ceremony where Connor's mother Nicole Kidman was not invited. The couple ere also spotted together at restaurants where they were wearing rings on their hands.

Moreover, the couple currently resides in a specific town in Florida which is basically filled with people of their religion. And since Scientologists are known for their intimidating tactics against non-believers, this makes it even harder for other people to know more about the private life of this couple.

There are not even many photos of the couple in media outlets and social media. Once Connor Cruise had posted a temporary story on his Instagram which revealed Silvia's face, but apart from that, there are no other pictures of this mysterious wife of Conner.

Silvia Zanchi Age and facts

Silvia Zanchi has remained a private person and avoided to leak any of her personal information. Her exact birthday is also not known, however, looking at the wife of Connor Cruise while they were spotted together she seems to be younger than Conner.

Conner Cruise is 25 years old as of now, so it might be safe to say that Silvia Zanchi is also in her early twenties.