Who Is Craig McCartt? IMDP Wife And Family

Who Is Craig McCartt? IMDP Wife And Family

Craig McCartt and his IMPD team are investigating The FedEx case. The shooting is more horrifying than you can imagine.

Gun violence and hate crime is a burning problem among American citizens these days. A similar unfortunate event occurred in  Indianapolis last Thursday. Furthermore, officer Craig McCartt is trying to provide every detail related to the case. 

Craig McCartt Wikipedia: IMPD Officer Age

Craig McCartt is an IMPD police officer.

He is a 24 year veteran for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD). Likewise, he was promoted as the deputy of criminal investigations in 2019.

Craig McCartt’s Wikipedia page is not available for now.

The officer became a lieutenant in 2014. In the like manner, he mainly supervises after homicide unit and robbery/aggravated assault unit. 

Craig McCartt’s age seems around his 40’s. 

McCartt is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. Furthermore, he attended Indiana University Bloomington and graduated with a Criminal Justice degree in 1991. 

Craig’s Wife And Family

Craig McCartt’s wife prefers to maintain secrecy.

Craig is involved in high-profile criminal cases. Therefore, there is much scrutiny around his spouse and children. So, he prefers to provide maximum security and personal space to his loved ones. 

Craig McCartt’s family rarely speaks to the media.

Recently, McCartt is involved in the FedEx mass shooting case. In fact, he is busy conducting press conferences as well as investigating the whole situation. 

His Involvement in FedEx shooting and Arrest

Craig McCartt is in the FedEx Shooting investigation team.

On April 15, 2021, a suspect named Brandon Scott Hole started shooting randomly in the FedEx facility.

Sadly, the homicide killed at least 8 people and injured many. Furthermore, Scott also shot himself shortly before Craig McCartt’s team could arrest him.

In the press conference, Craig McCartt disclosed that Brandon was not a new name to the department. Just last year, police interrogated the suspect over his mother’s worrisome phone call. However, the full report of the case is still under the radar. 

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