Who Are Crazy Babies Band From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

Who Are Crazy Babies Band From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

Crazy Babies is renowned for realistically recreating Ozzy Osbourne’s music. Who are the members of the group? Go through this article to know all the exciting details about them.

Crazy Babies is a tribute band dedicated to legendary English singer and songwriter, Ozzy Osbourne.

They specialize in recreating the tones and original melodies with costumes and an elaborate stage set.

Moreover, they have established themself as one of the best tribute bands and have booked a ticket to perform in the Clash of the Cover Bands Show.

Crazy Babies is reputed to create the most realistic visual, music, and energized concerts similar to an actual Ozzy concert experience.

The group members have managed to win the hearts of people and were nominated for the Detroit Music Awards outstanding tribute band for four consecutive years.

Crazy Babies Band Members Name

Crazy Babies has four male members. They have Keith Rock Holstein as a guitarist, Rob Johannis(Blasto) as a bass guitarist, Charlie Smaldino as Drummer, and Ozzy Rebourne(Boyd Ozzy Quinton) as lead vocalist.

Keith Rock grew up playing the guitar in Dearborn and hails from Detroit Rock City. He got hooked to guitar at around 13 years of age after hearing Tony Immi’s music and dedicated his life to learning the craft.

Blasto is a bass guitarist and backing vocalist for the group. He has a solid and melodic style and he was inspired by the metal and rock bass artists in childhood. He fits perfectly for Ozzy tribute concerts.

Charlie has been playing drum for most of his life. He is originally from Las Vegas and has toured North America and Japan in 2004. He is one of the fundamental members of the group due to his rock-solid tempo and skills.

Ozzy Rebourne is highly passionate about high-energy rock and roll music. He has performed in several bands in his singing career and has always been the center of attention due to his amazing voice.

Crazy Babies Members Age: How old are they?

The four members of the band have not revealed their age till now. 

Since they have been involved in music since the early 2000s, we estimate their age to be around 42-46 years old.  All of the members are from different parts of the USA and they all belong to American nationality.

They have always kept a shallow profile when it comes to their personal life and not much has come out about their family.

Crazy Babies Band Net Worth Revealed

Crazy Babies has hosted concerts across America and has accumulated a high net worth from live shows.

The group has earned a lot of success both musically and financially. Although the exact figures of their net worth are unknown, we estimate each member’s total fortune to be around $700k.

Crazy Babies are not available on Instagram as of now. You can follow Ozzy Rebourne’s install page @crazybabiesozzyrebourne to get updates about their upcoming shows and concerts.