How Many Children Did Creadel Jones Have? Son Darren Cubie: Paternity Court 

Talking about his children, Creadel Jones had only one son with his wife but a woman tried to prove that Cubie Creadel is her biological daughter.

She also claimed that she is his daughter and is entitled to a share of the group's earnings, according to Paternity Court.

Creadel Jones is Angela's father, despite the fact that she has never met him. Given the large royalties at stake, do you believe her potential siblings have a right to be suspicious of her intentions?

Darren Cubie, the creator of Entertainers Against Corruption, tells the story of Creadel "Red" Jones of the famed Chi-Lites, his mother Deborah Jones, and aunt Regina Cubie's tragic betrayal, and a family ripped apart by an industry of greed. The telling of the narrative results in positive change.'

Creadel Jones Wife Deborah Jones Now 

Following the Paternity Court TV appearance, a closer look at the Chi Lites family.

A true account of the lives and carries of the Chi Lites, as well as the Mafia control that exploited the Chi Lites' children.

Actual witness evidence on FBI and IRS corruption, as well as Federal Judge payoffs. Murder by the Mafia, as well as family thievery and exploitation.

Trust Funds and Unknown Net Worth Exploitation of royalties and income theft Exposing fraud, legacy abuse, and exploitation, including Mafia control and media cover-up.