Is The Paul Guilfoyle Blind? Know About The Eye Condition Of The CSI Recurring Actor Who Plays Jim Brass

Is The Paul Guilfoyle Blind? Know About The Eye Condition Of The CSI Recurring Actor Who Plays Jim Brass

Is Paul Guilfoyle Blind? No, the 72-years-old actor is not blind, and his eyesight is excellent. Let’s find in detail about his health condition and more.

Paul Guilfoyle is an award-winning actor who rose to prominence for his appearance in the movies such as L.A. Confidential, The Good Fight, Primary Colors, Air Force One, and many more.

He is one of the most experienced actors who has been involved in the showbiz industry for over a decade. Guilfoyle made his debut on the big screen in 1976 by starring in a short film named Next Door.

Moreover, Guilfoyle has been portrayed in more than 100 movies and is still working on new projects. Some of his upcoming projects are Can’t Go Home, Don’t Look Up, and The Seville Communion/The Man from Rome.

Further, Guilfoyle has been nominated for multiple awards and won Robert Altman Award (2016) and Screen Actors Guild Awards (2005). Additionally, he is also a member of The Actor’s Studio.

Is Paul Guilfoyle Blind? CSI Jim Brass Eyes Condition Explained

No, Paul Guilfoyle is not blind, and his eyes conditions are magnificent as there are no signs of any illness.

Many people have speculated that he is blind as Guilfoyle has blue eyes. Apart from that, Guilfoyle played the role of Jim Brass in the tv series entitled CSI: Vegas.

In the respective series, the character played by him is a CSI investigator who is almost blind. Due to this reason, his fans thought that he was blind in real life.

Moreover, Guilfoyle was born with blue eyes, and his health condition, including his eyesight, is excellent.

Paul Guilfoyle Age and Wikipedia Bio

Paul Guilfoyle’s current age is 72 years old.

He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 28, 1949, as Paul Vincent Guilfoyle.

Besides, he was born to Paul Guilfoyle (father) and Kathleen Mulqueen (mother).

He studied at Boston College High School and later went to Lehigh University, graduating in 1972.

As a well-known personality, Guilfoyle can also be found on the Wikipedia site.

Guilfoyle also spent 12 years with the Theatre Company of Boston. Since 1995, he has made his active presence in the film industry.

Paul Guilfoyle Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Paul Guilfoyle is sharing his marital life with his wife, Lisa Giobbi. The couple shared their wedding oaths in 1989.

Since then, they have been supporting each other in every step of their career.

Moreover, Paul and his wife together have a daughter as well. The happy family resides in New York City.

Paul Guilfoyle Net Worth Disclosed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul Guilfoyle has a net worth estimated at around $18 million.

Guilfoyle has garnered this incredible fortune from his long-term career as an actor.

Furthermore, he has worked on numerous big-budget projects that made him earn massive sums of money.

And he indeed enjoys a lavish lifestyle with such tremendous assets.